Generous Gesture: Man Invites Car-Cleaning Kids To 5-Star Hotel Dinner

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Generous Gesture: Man Invites Car-Cleaning Kids To 5-Star Hotel Dinner

When a group of kids approached a man’s car to clean his window, they had no idea he would take them to a nice hotel and treat them to dinner. The man’s video has gone viral since it was uploaded. 

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Who helped the kids with a 5-star treat?

man treats car cleaning children
Instagram Screengrab

Kawaljeet Singh posted this video on Instagram. “Stuck at a traffic light; kids were cleaning cars for food money near a 5-star hotel,” he said in the description of the image. 

What exactly did he do?

Instead of simply handing them money, I welcomed them into my car. Their eyes widened when we ended up having supper in the same five-star hotel—a first for them.”

man treats car cleaning children
Instagram Screengrab

“Sitting together, their happiness was real, and it got to me,” he continued. “It was heartwarming to see them enjoy the gourmet supper. They kept thanking me a hundred times, which made the whole thing quite emotional. I was grateful for the ability to produce such unexpected and pleasant moments. The pleasure of life is found not just in personal triumphs but also in sharing and helping aspirations come true for others.” 

Where was this video shot?

The video shows Singh driving the kids to a hotel and greeting them. The youngsters may be seen eating a variety of dishes as they arrive at their destination.

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How did people on the internet react?

This video was only recently shared. It has received over 40 million views and four million likes since it was posted. Many others even took to the post’s comments section to express their feelings. 

Someone wrote, “Big salute, brother.” A second person said, “Good job, sir.”  

“May god give you good health and happiness to carry on the good work,” said a third person. 

A fourth person commented, “Good work.” A fifth person wrote, “Thank you so much for helping those kids.” Watch the viral video here.

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