Genesis Phil Collins Health Update: Is He Dead or Alive?

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Genesis Phil Collins Health Update: Is He Dead or Alive?

As the age increases, many diseases automatically arise and force the elderly to enter the hospital. Whether it is an ordinary old man or any older celebrity, these diseases never set people apart and bring them to the hospital. Currently, Phil Collins fans are concerned about his health and want to know his current health update. He was recently admitted to hospital and now former Genesis guitarist and bassist Mike Rutherford has updated his fans on Phil Collins’ health status. If you also want to know more, he continues reading this blog.

Genesis Phil Collins Health Update

According to reports, Collins has faced health problems since suffering a spinal injury in 2007. His spinal injury damaged the vertebrae in his upper neck and also left him with nerve damage. His spinal injury has severely impacted or affected his ability to perform, and at the last Genesis show in March 2022, he performed his performance in a wheelchair. His fans were quite upset after seeing his state and that is why they want to know his current state of health.

Seeing concern from fans, Rutherford has spoken about Collins’ health in an interview on BBC Breakfast in order to promote his upcoming tour with Mike+ The Mechanics, which will see Collins’ son Nic playing the battery. Speaking about Collins’ condition, Rutherford states that “As you know, Phil is a bit… he’s a lot more immobile than he used to be, which is pretty sad and embarrassing, but on tour he was in a very good mood. . He is fine now and currently in his house, enjoying his life.

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Genesis Phil Collins

“They’ve served him so hard over the years, I think he’s enjoying his time at home.” The interviewer asked if Phil Collins or his son was the stronger drummer, Rutherford said: “I always support dads because I belong to this generation. There is no doubt in saying that Phil is the most brilliant and wonderful drummer, but that doesn’t mean that Nic is not good, in fact, he is brilliant too. Same as his father but quite different, which is the obvious.”

Phil Collines’ son also played drums for Genesis on their farewell tour with Rutherford. He states that “it was really nice to keep the two of you up to speed. Following his injury, Collines has been unable to play drums due to his poor health, stating on BBC Breakfast in 2021.

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