Getroud Met Rugby Gregg Pettigrew, Afrikaans Actor Arrested, ‘7de Laan’ Reveals Arrested Actor Is Not Cast Member

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Getroud Met Rugby Gregg Pettigrew, Afrikaans Actor Arrested, '7de Laan' Reveals Arrested Actor Is Not Cast Member

This is to inform you that the South African Police have confirmed that an actor from an Afrikaans TV show will be arrested and charged with murder and possession of an illegal firearm. Ever since this news broke, he has been making headlines all over the internet. The people of South Africa have been thrown into a frenzy to search for the identity of the actor in question. There are countless questions surrounding the arrest of the popular Afrikaans TV show actor. However, we have tried to answer any and all imperative questions related to this news. Readers are urged to stick with this news column and should go through the next section. Scroll down the page.

Getroud Met Rugby Gregg Pettigrew, Afrikaans actor arrested

Currently, the actor of a popular Afrikaans TV series is in Tembisa Hospital while attempting to take his own life after allegedly killing his love partner. According to reports shared by the police, both the victim and the suspect are male and were involved in a romantic relationship. The victim was a 29-year-old man, while the suspect, said to be a television actor, is in his 50s at this time. Scroll down the page and read more details.

7 De Laan Actor Arrested

How did the victim die? The victim’s cause of death has been alleged as a fatal gunshot wound. The victim was found with a gunshot wound in a cabin. However, the suspect was rushed to Tembisa Hospital because he too tried to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills. Sources have confirmed that the suspect has acted in various television shows. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Petty Officer Barbara Anne Ferreira stated after the preliminary investigation: “We found a body shot to death and then arrested the suspect. The suspect tried to commit suicide by drinking sleeping pills, which is why he is currently being held at the Tembisa Hospital. An actor known for Afrikaans soap operas is still alive and has been arrested for the murder. Norkem Park is still investigating the case and it will appear at Kempton Park Magistrates Court.” It has been claimed that the actor will be charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition and the murder of a 29-year-old man. The bone of contention is still unclear at this point. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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