Gino Roque’s parents: Meet the businessman father Gonzalo Roque III and the mother Cris Boss

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Gino Roque Parents

All those people who are looking for information about the parents of a businessman named Gino Roque. Netizens love to search for the information they are interested in and therefore they visit various websites to get the information. A particular purpose or interest causes people to seek information and look this time as if they were seeking the person’s information. Gino Roque’s full name is Gino Aldeguer Roque IV. He was born on October 20, 1995 in Quezon City, Metro Manila, located in the Philippines.

Parents of Gino Roque

He didn’t have much trouble setting up his business and comes from a family with a successful business background that runs clothing and retail stores. Gino is known as “Steel Entrepreneurs in Quezon City”. It is a famous sports clothing and accessories store. He became an inspiration to many people after successfully becoming a top businessman. Many young people follow him and want to be like him. He hit the news in the year 2029 after becoming a part of a popular reality series titled “Pinoy Big Brother.”

Parents of Gino Roque

Now there are many people who are looking to know about their parents and want to have all the details related to their personal life. Despite being a famous businessman, no Wikipedia page has been developed and that is why it is becoming difficult for people to get details of his personal life. As we said, not many details are available about his personal life, but our sources try to get the details that we share with our readers. So without wasting any more time, keep reading and if you have any questions you can ask us through the comments section.

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Parents of Gino Roque

Most of the people want to know the answer and for that they have searched through various websites but could not get the details of his personal life. But according to our sources, Gino Roque is the son of Gonzalo Roque III and Cris Boss. Like his son, Gonzalo Roque III is also a famous businessman who owns several companies such as Kamiseta, Concorso and several others. In addition, he is also the president of the Manika Business Club. He is a certified billionaire owner of the network marketing company called “Vantage International”. Cris Boss, Gino’s mother is also a famous businesswoman, as are her husband and son. Her real name is Cris Aldequer Roque, she is the president and CEO of the Kamiseta Group of Companies. Gino’s entire family is involved in the clothing and retail business and everyone knows that it is a growing market.

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