Gonzalo Lira arrested: Why was the pro-Russian blogger arrested in Kharkiv?

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Gonzalo Lira arrested: Why was the pro-Russian blogger arrested in Kharkiv?

A debate started after the arrest of Gonzalo Lira, as people say that if SBU knew where Gonzalo Lira was, then what was he doing in Kharkiv. The controversy began when the Ukrainian Security Service arrested Gonzalo Lira, who was residing in Kharkiv. Do you know who Gonzalo Lira is and what are the charges against him? Since the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) confirmed the news of Gonzalo Lira’s arrest, people on the Internet have asked numerous questions. However, we have brought this article to address this news and the associated questions people are asking. You should proceed to this page and continue reading this article for more details. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Arrested Gonzalo Lira

Gonzalo Lira has dual Chilean and US citizenship. He has been residing in Kharkiv for an undisclosed time. The Ukrainian Security Service reportedly arrested Gonzalo Lira on charges of producing pro-Russian propaganda. More about Gonzalo Lira, he is widely known for creating controversy on the internet. Gonzalo Lira is accused of disseminating materials supporting Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine. Scroll down the page and read what is the possible penalty you would face.

In the event that Gonzalo Lira is convicted, he could be imprisoned for 5 to 8 years. Gonzalo Lira was reportedly detained on 1 May at an address in Kharkiv. He is an online dating coach. Ukrainian officials confirmed that the search of Gonzalo Lira’s residence revealed additional evidence of his illegal activities through data found on his phone and computer. On Friday, the SBU revealed that an unarmed US and Chilean citizen who is a blogger has been arrested. Take a look at the next section and read more details.

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Arrested Gonzalo LiraArrested Gonzalo LiraArrested Gonzalo Lira

SBU also shared a blurry video of Gonzalo Lira, showing him in police custody. One person said: “Ukrainian SBU knew where Gonzalo Lira was and what he was doing from the first time he was arrested. He was essentially under a form of house arrest. What is this theater for? To show that a fragile and battered regime still has “control” over something? Gonzalo Lira is also known as Red Pill Trainer. It was the second time he was arrested in Kharkiv, having previously been detained for spying for Russia a year ago.

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