Google has revealed the availability of Search Labs, a program that grants access to its

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Google Search Labs

Google gave us a sneak peek at its early efforts in the search arena during its most recent I/O event. Now is your chance to investigate these cutting-edge features through Search Labs, which is where these investigations into the world of generative AI take place.

Google Search Laboratories

The company said today that Search Labs, a program that allows access to its first tests, is now available. You’ll experience powerful new search with generative AI capabilities once you’re eligible to try out the search labs, simplifying your search.

It allows you to complete activities faster, gain new insights, and understand difficult concepts. Search handles the laborious task of sorting through a series of queries and gathering information for you.

The new generative AI can simplify your next quest in three ways:

Learn new or complicated things quickly: Let’s say you want to choose between uke and guitar. Search gives you an AI-powered roundup of things to think about.

If you want to start your own business, for example, a search for “Benefits of Incorporating Your Business Before Going Freelance” will give you a quick summary and links to read more.

Find quick answers to certain questions: Sometimes you have a specific question and need different information from the web to answer it. If you find an old wool sweater with a coffee stain on it, look up “How to remove an old coffee stain from a wool sweater?”

For example, if you need to quickly renew your passport for an upcoming trip abroad, look up “How can I quickly renew my passport?” You’ll get tips or options to help you move forward.

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Browse Products and Things to Think About While You Shop: Let’s say you want removable kitchen wallpaper for your rental. Search for “peel and stick kitchen wallpaper” to learn important things like how easy it is to remove, and to find stylish options with prices, customer ratings, and links to where you can buy them.

Likewise, searching for “Bluetooth speaker for a pool party” will give you plenty of options to choose from, as well as things to think about, like water resistance and battery life. To learn more, you can also ask follow-up questions or choose one of the suggested next moves.


If you’re on the waitlist at, you’ll receive an email when you can start testing Labs experiments like SGE (Generative Search Experience), Code Hints, and Add to Sheets in the US. .

To enroll in these tests, simply tap the Labs icon in the latest version of the Chrome desktop browser or in the Google app for Android or iOS. You can also go to the Labs website to find out how your wait is going.

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