Google Introduces Blue Accent Color in Play Store

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Google Introduces Blue Accent Color in Play Store

Google has updated the Play Store by adding a blue accent color throughout the app. As a result, certain Dynamic Color theming options have been reduced.

Before the update, Dynamic Color was used in the search field, the top tabs and the bottom bar of the Play Store. This ensured that the main fonts in the app followed Material You’s design principles. However, in April, the app switched to a shorter bottom bar, though tablets still use a standard navigation rail.

While the Play Store had incorporated Dynamic Color into specific sections, such as the search field, top tabs, and bottom bar, it didn’t extend to other parts of the app, including listings, search results, and the “Manage apps” update. and devices”. page. In those areas, Google Play kept its traditional green accent color.

Google Play Store has adapted blue as an accent color

Recently, the Play Store underwent a significant design change by introducing blue as an accent color throughout the app. This new color replaces the previous use of Dynamic Color in the main fonts and the traditional green accent color in other areas. However, it is important to note that the account menu still maintains its original theme.


It is possible that the adoption of blue as an accent color is a temporary measure that leads to the full implementation of Dynamic Color throughout the application. This transition may explain why blue is used in sections that have already been updated, even though it may initially seem counterproductive. The update started rolling out over the weekend and appears to be complete, indicating that a server-side update has been applied to all users.

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Google has also released sync apps to devices

Google recently finished rolling out a feature known as “Sync Apps with Devices.” Initially tested in March and mostly seen on tablets and Chromebook devices, this feature is now also accessible on all smartphones. It allows users to effortlessly sync and install apps across multiple devices, providing a smoother and more consistent experience.

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