Google removed the “Smart Reply” feature from the voice app

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Google Smart Reply Voice App

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The company has removed smart reply options that display at the bottom of messages in the Google Voice app on Android and iOS.

The corporation first made the feature available in February of the previous year.

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The most recently received message is analyzed by this simple feature, which then offers up to three contextual responses to choose from, 9to5Google reports.

These pills would be displayed above the space where you can “Write a message”, and tapping on one of them would quickly send the smart reply.

The following can be found in the Google Voice release notes, which can be found on both the Play Store and the App Store: According to the report, “Smart Replies are no longer supported.”

While this was going on, Google released a standalone version of the “Switch Access” app on the Play Store. This software had previously been included with the Android Accessibility Suite.

The app gives users the ability to communicate with their Android device by using one or more switches, as well as a keyboard, as an alternative to the touch screen.

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“Switches or the front camera can be used to control your smartphone or tablet. The switches can be used for a variety of tasks, including scrolling, entering text, selecting items, and more. Switch Access can be of help in situations where you cannot directly interact with your device,” according to the page providing information on Switch Access.

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The application looks at the objects displayed on users’ screens and highlights each one until the user makes a choice.

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