Google Struggles to Keep Pace in AI Race as Chatbot Launch Delayed to 2024

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Google has long been viewed as the leader in artificial intelligence, with pioneering work going back over a decade through projects like Google Brain and Google DeepMind. But despite this long history at the forefront of AI research, Google has shockingly missed capitalizing on the 2023 hype cycle around conversational AI.

Seemingly Insurmountable Setbacks Mounting for Google

Google’s planned launch of its ChatGPT competitor, Gemini, has now faced delay after delay, with the chatbot not expected to see the light of day until 2024. This puts Google impossibly behind rivals like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Anthropic’s Claude 2 in bringing a conversational AI to market.

Other tech giants, like Microsoft, which has invested billions in OpenAI, have also eclipsed Google in recent months. Google released the limited chatbot Bard earlier this year, but it cannot compare to the seemingly unstoppable momentum of ChatGPT.

Departures of Prominent Figures: Symbols of Google’s AI Decline

The delays and loss of standing have coincided with high-profile departures that epitomize Google’s AI struggles. Geoffrey Hinton, known as the “Godfather of AI,” resigned from Google in May over AI regulation concerns. Major executives also collectively resigned back in 2018 regarding Google’s controversial military AI projects.

Brain Drain Results in Insurmountable Obstacles for Google

The loss of key personnel has clearly been an obstacle too difficult to overcome in developing Gemini in a timely manner to compete with rivals. With each passing month, catching up to ChatGPT’s rapid improvements appears more and more insurmountable for Google.

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Actions like OpenAI’s recent addition of full book uploads reiterate the widening gap. To have any chance at remaining relevant, Google has invested billions in Anthropic, makers of a promising ChatGPT rival called Claude. But Anthropic’s solutions may soon even eclipse Google’s offerings. Additionally, you can also read about- Claude Pro and ChatGPT Plus: Which AI Chatbot is Right for You? [Detail Guide]

The Foundation of Search Dominance Under Existential Threat

These ChatGPT-like conversational models possess alarming potential to disrupt Google’s core search business, which relies on keywords. Integrating AI answers into search so far seems like a merely defensive maneuver before launching its own chatbot.

Finding avenues like advertising to properly monetize responses from tools like Gemini also poses towering challenges Google has yet to solve. The days of Google’s unchecked dominance in AI already seem to be coming to a rapid close.

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