Happy birthday Sonakshi Sinha! Moments in which the diva from ‘Dahaad’ captivated us with her glamor on screen

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Sonakshi Sinha Birthday Special: As Sonakshi Sinha celebrates her 36th birthday, we have compiled a collection of the best on-screen looks from her movies.

Sonakshi Sinha Birthday Special: The world of cinema has always been associated with glamour. Over the years, Bollywood fashion has evolved into the epitome of fashion that is admired by the general public. Throughout time, there have been numerous on-screen characters whose iconic style statements have left a lasting impression on audiences.

Sonakshi Sinha has always been a unique and offbeat beauty of the Hindi film industry. Over the years, her personal style has evolved, but a closer look at her on-screen characters reveals a lot that she dissects in terms of fashion. With a great Bollywood debut as dabangg, has elevated her status, both in terms of her filmography and the essential scrutiny of style that every actress encounters in the film world. Therefore, on her 36th birthday, we rounded up a list of the actress’s most beautiful screen looks:

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Sonakshi possesses the classic charm to showcase traditional looks effortlessly. Her debut film provided the perfect platform to showcase a vibrant collection of ethnic ensembles, including lehengas, patterned and color-block sarees. The designs featured a variety of embellished fabrics and print combinations, embodying enduring fashion trends that continue to be seen on the runways even today.


In this film, Sonakshi’s traditional fashion choices underwent a gradual transformation. While dabangg showed her in vibrant sarees, her character in looter he called for a more delicate color palette, with pastels and muted tones to complement his character’s journey.

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Rich hues such as purple and peacock green were also incorporated, often paired with lemon-yellow sarees and fishnet blouses. The film also featured a number of monochrome looks, which resonated with audiences due to their simplicity. Sonakshi effortlessly wore these outfits, leaving a lasting impression with his graceful style.


When Manish Malhotra gets involved in a project, it guarantees a high style factor, and Sonakshi Sinha’s collaboration with him on this film showcased a variety of stunning ethnic outfits. From ornate sarees to embroidered shararas and elegant kurta ensembles, his date in traditional ensembles wowed all the movie-goers. It is worth noting that his makeup perfectly complemented all of his ethnic looks, which added to the overall charm of his character.

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The film incorporated authentic Indian jewelry, including maang tika and chaandbaalis, into the wardrobe. One of the standout looks was the portrait of Sonakshi Sinha in a red sari, which became an inspiration for many women looking for pre-wedding outfits. The versatility of the outfits designed for Sonakshi’s character was truly remarkable. The perfect connection between the character description of her and the choice of elegant colours, fits and styles perfectly captured the essence of a sick but elegant woman.

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The film delved into the sensitive subject of embracing one’s body and celebrating it as it is, making the wardrobe selections all the more meaningful. The film showcased a lively and vibrant aesthetic, with a wide range of colorful blazers, skirts, shirts, dresses, and jackets. Sonakshi’s confidence in pulling off these looks was truly commendable. The clothing choices were carefully aligned with the film’s story, effectively conveying its message. Vibrant fits and flattering silhouettes added a touch of exuberance to the overall look.

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Sonakshi Sinha has carved out a unique space for herself in the industry and has gained a dedicated following. Her fashion choices, both on and off screen, have garnered a great deal of attention and admiration. Her personal style exudes elegance and resonates with the masses, making her a fashion icon in her own right. Her impeccable sense of style has undoubtedly impressed critics and fashion enthusiasts alike.

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