Happy Car Buying: Family dances and rejoices on delivery of new car, Anand Mahindra reacts

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Happy Car Buying: Family dances and rejoices on delivery of new car, Anand Mahindra reacts

Anand Mahindra uploaded a video of a family who recently celebrated the delivery of their new car by dancing and rejoicing in a beautiful display of joy and excitement. The Mahindra Group Chairman, renowned for his charismatic leadership and business acumen, shared the beautiful video on social media, capturing the spirit of this joyful family. The joyous celebration of a momentous milestone and the poignant demonstration of family unity serve as a reminder of life’s basic pleasures.

This shows that small gestures in life should be enjoyed, and when such videos appear, it eases everyone’s heart. This viral clip has gained everyone’s attention on social media, and netizens couldn’t stop smiling while watching this video on repeat!

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Family celebrates car delivery with dance

This is the true reward and joy of working in the Indian auto industry… https://t.co/ormA7i8sQq

— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) May 19, 2023

Business tycoon Anand Mahindra shared the tweet to make his followers happy with such a video. He re-shared the tweet with the caption: “This is the true reward and joy of working in the Indian auto industry.” The family receiving the new Mahindra car left the carmaker tycoon speechless, and a video of his reaction has since gone viral online.

    Anand MahindraTwitter/@anandmahindra

According to his Twitter bio, Manish Raj Singhania, head of the Federation of Car Dealers Associations, posted videos of the family dancing on May 16 after receiving the car. According to the tweet, the car was handed over to Dinanath Sahu and her family to celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary.

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Let’s see the reactions to this viral video

Since the video was shared online, it has had more than 1 million views, 1,002 retweets, 20,000 likes, and many congratulatory comments.

Yes, that’s why we call ourselves Indians, one user said. “Every moment is filled with enjoyment, which we try to cherish and savor,” they added.

Yes, that’s why they call us Indians. We find happiness in every moment and we try to celebrate and enjoy it. #BharatMatakiJai

— Harshal Mantri – हर्षल मंत्री (@HarshalMantri) May 19, 2023

Another person added: “It’s not just a car; it symbolizes a journey to a better future.” The scene embodies the unwavering spirit of the Indian auto industry, where dreams take the wheel and pursue their goals while inspiring and fueling the desire for progress.

It’s not just a vehicle; represents a journey into a brighter future. The scene symbolizes the indomitable spirit of the Indian automotive industry, where dreams take the wheel and drive towards the destination, generating inspiration and igniting the passion for progress.

—Amit Misra (@amit6060) May 19, 2023

Another said: “The few things we value most in life bring pure joy.”

Few things we value more in life bring pure joy. 😊

—Sandeep (@Sandeep1P437) May 19, 2023

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