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Helena Isabel Patrício

A video of TVI commentator Helena Isabel Patrício is going viral on the Internet. As a result, the television presenter Helena Isabel Patrício became the center of attention. The video of Helena Isabel Patrício reportedly went viral on Friday, June 30, 2023. The TVI commentator can be seen on the street in intense defiance. Ever since the video of her appeared on the internet, she has been making waves and causing a stir. Her followers have gone crazy after seeing the video of what happened. However, the controversial video has been justified by Helena Isabel Patrício. In the following sections we have mentioned what the TVI commentator said when justifying her controversial street video of intense challenge. She just has to get on with this page and read it to the end. Scroll down the page and take a look below.

The controversial video of Helena Isabel Patrício

Helena Isabel Patrício has been drawing attention since Friday morning when she became the protagonist of a tense discussion near her residence. Someone recorded TVI commentator Helena Isabel Patrício involved in contempt with a neighbor and uploaded it to the Internet. The video suddenly went viral after it was posted. It circulated on all social media sites. Due to the language of Helena Isabel Patrício during the contempt of a neighbor, the video went viral and generated controversy. In the viral video, the ITV commentator can be heard saying: “They let any shit into this country” and “Go back to your land.” Please take a look below and read more details.

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After her video went viral on social networks, Helena Isabel Patrício went to her Instagram and justified the incident and explained what happened. She started to say that she was completely out of control. In her opinion, anyone would be like that in this heated discussion. During the discussion, Helena Isabel Patrício said she was outraged by the noise that some people made on the street, which is recurring. The ITV commentator said: “I spoke on behalf of all my neighbours, who suffer the same as me.” Scroll down the page.

She explained. When I was going to take the Uber to come to TVI, I told one of the [boys to make less] noise and said ‘it wasn’t me’. I said that I knew who was the person who was constantly yelling and that I had to stop with it because there are people who want to rest. She did not know that someone was recording her at the time.

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