HerZindagi and OnlyMyHealth Celebrate Period Party to Commemorate Menstrual Hygiene Day

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Menstrual hygiene experts, period educators, period activists, gynecologists and nutritionists attended the period party, among others.

In a move to break the silence around menstruation, Jagran New Media’s leading health and lifestyle websites Herzindagi.com and Onlymyhealth.com have teamed up to host a one-of-a-kind ‘Period Party’ . The event was organized ahead of ‘Menstrual Hygiene Day’ on May 28 to highlight the importance of good menstrual hygiene management.

Through this campaign, HerZindagi and Onlymyhealth promoted an open dialogue about periods, which have long been stigmatized, to raise awareness and combat entrenched taboos around menstrual hygiene. The event brought menstruating women under one roof for a #BloodyGoodTime. The Period Party campaign is a step towards breaking stigma around periods and empowering menstruators, partnering with experts to provide valuable information, inspire conversation and promote menstrual health.

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Associate Vice President and Director of HerZindagi and OnlyMyHealth, Megha Mamgain, said: “It’s time to change the shame narrative around periods. ‘Period Party’ is our way of challenging stigmas and stereotypes and celebrating a physiological function healthy body.As websites serving millions of readers across the country and the world, we recognize our responsibility in disseminating factual and ethically correct information that will have a lasting impact on society Even today, girls have to drop out of school when they start menstruating, women in our country are still embarrassed to buy menstrual hygiene products, many can’t afford it.And while we know a ‘Period Party’ won’t change the world overnight, by At least we start a conversation, a mobilization of a community oriented to change.”

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The event kicked off with a welcome speech from Megha Mamgain, AVP & Business Head- Health & Lifestyle, Jagran New Media, followed by other menstruating women having an open dialogue about cramps, tampons, period spotting, taboos, PMS symptoms and much more. further. . An exciting series of games and activities such as period bingo and passing the menstrual cup were organized to engage attendees.

Menstrual hygiene experts, period educators, period activists, gynecologists and nutritionists attended the period party, among others. The guest list included names like Prachi Kaushik (Founder and Director of Vyomini Social Foundation), Dr. Anjali Kumar (MBBS, MD- Gynecologist and Obstetrician), Pooja Sehgal (Counselor, Lotus Petal Higher Secondary School), Swati Bathwal (Dietitian of Public Health, diabetes educator), Chandani Khurana (founder of Humari Duniya), Rudrani Chettri (transgender rights activist and founding member, Mitr trust), Mansi Gulati (author, facial yoga expert), Shabnam Khan (menstrual educator), Latika Joshi (author) and Krutika (Founder and Director, Kamakhya).

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A specially curated period menu of delicious food and drinks from the venue’s partner, House Of Migo, added further spice to the feast. All attendees returned home with a bag full of goodies from gifting partners: PeeSafe, Bevzilla, Fix My Curls, Type Beauty Inc. and Nutrizoe.

About Herzindagi.com

Herzindagi.com is a leading women-focused lifestyle website that was launched in September 2017 under the umbrella of Jagran New Media. Aiming to bridge the digital and gender gap with relevant content designed for new age Indian women, Herzindagi.com offers credible reporting and well-researched information that intrigues readers’ interest. It is currently available in three languages ​​including Hindi, English and Tamil.

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The leading lifestyle website for women intends to provide information that helps, guides and motivates its readers. The site reaches a user base of 27.1 million (comScore MMX Multi – Platform-Top 10, News/Information Publishers; February 2023). The website tops the list as the leading website for women in 16 states, as reported by comScore. In 2022, the HZ-Mighty Hive case study won the IDMA Special Award in the category “Most Effective Use of Digital Analytics”.

About Onlymyhealth.com

Onlymyhealth.com is a leading health and lifestyle website dedicated to providing reliable and medically verified information. With a legacy of approximately 15 years, the website has cemented its position as a premier resource for trusted information on health, wellness, and alternative medicine. Segments covered include disease management, diet, exercise and weight loss, grooming, home remedies, skin and hair, Ayurveda, pregnancy and parenting. In addition, the website provides guidance from medical professionals/experts on serious health conditions through personalized advice, tools and communities. Onlymyhealth.com is designed to serve people of all ages and backgrounds.

With 7.35 million users (Comscore MMX Multi – Platform-Top 10, News/Information Publishers; Jan – Feb 2023), Onlymyhealth.com is India’s most popular health and information website. For its features and content, the website has received numerous honors and awards in recent years. Onlymyhealth.com received an award in the ‘Best Health Knowledge’ category at the Indian Healthcare Excellence Award 2019. The platform also received the ‘Best Content in a Healthcare/Fitness Blog/Website’ award at ICL 2019 – India Content Leadership Awards and Conference.

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