How did Felton Spencer die? NBA veteran and college basketball legend dies at 55

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Felton Spencer

The basketball community is currently mourning the death of its player. This news is quite terrible to hear and many are deeply shocked since they read the late player’s name. Now all those people are searching the web to find the details of the sudden departure. Some think that this news is false and want to know the reality. And most of you are wondering who we are talking about. Yes, your assumption is absolutely correct, we are talking about the news of the death of Felton Spencer. The fans of him are also quite shocked and saddened and this news is no less than a trauma for them.

Cause of death of Felton Spencer

He was a beloved player who very well established his name in the sports community and had a significant impact on the sport at both the collegiate and professional levels. The late basketball player played for the University of Lousiville before becoming the first round pick in the 1990 NBA Draft. He went on to play for many NBA teams at the time of his career and contributed very well to the team. of the. But now his teammates and fans are mourning his passing. Reports indicate that he passed away on Sunday March 12, 2023 and was 54 years old at the time.


He has died and left his legacy behind. Although he is no longer with us, the bright gaming memories of him are always with us. His fans are currently paying tribute to him and seeking to know the cause of his sudden disappearance. This NBA star had never let his team down while he was playing and always tried to bring victory to his home. Because of that, he established his name very well. He used to play basketball for his varsity team at the University of Louisville. He had played for many NBA teams at the time of his basketball career but sadly passed away last weekend.

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However, the official cause of his death is unknown and no one has made any kind of comment about it. Although some unofficial sources claimed that he had been suffering from serious health problems in recent years. His family confirmed the news of his death through an official statement, saying that “Felton was a beloved father, friend and husband and will surely be deeply missed by all and surely missed by those who knew him.” His former teammates, fans, loved ones and friends pay tribute to him on social media and remember him for his brilliant play.

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