How did Harrison Gilks ​​die? Tribute Comes As 18-Year-Old TikTok Star Dies Of Cancer At 18

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How did Harrison Gilks ​​die?  Tribute Comes As 18-Year-Old TikTok Star Dies Of Cancer At 18

Today we are going to share with you some very sad and shocking news. Famous Canadian Titok creator “Harrison Gilks” has passed away at the age of 18. He died at a very young age. His fans are very upset after hearing this news. This news is going viral on the internet. People are very sad for him because he died at a very young age. His family is in deep shock right now. Netizens are very curious about him and want to know what is the cause of his death. Here we are going to share every detail about this case. And we will also tell you the cause of his death. So, read the full article.

Who was Harrison Gilks?

Harrison Gilks ​​was an 18-year-old boy. He breathed his last on Thursday March 30, 2023. This is very shocking news. This news has broken the hearts of many people. He was a popular Tiktok star and content creator. He has a large following on social media. He had more than 320,000 followers on his Tiktok account. he was a very sweet guy. He was known for his humility and good character towards others. He always used to donate money to the poor. He used to live in Canada. He went viral for his Bucketlist series.

Harrison Gilks ​​TikTokHarrison Gilks ​​TikTok

Many people wonder what happened to him and how he died at a very young age. According to the report, he had rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), which is a rare type of cancer that forms in soft tissue. This cancer can occur at any age. Harrison shared this news on July 22, 2022. He said that he never thought this could happen to him. He was an inspiration to many people. His followers mainly include teenagers. People used to say that he used to have the cutest smile. He was the sun. The news of his death was shared by his brother David de él.

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Harrison Gilks ​​TikTokHarrison Gilks ​​TikTok

David shared this news via video message. He said It is with a heavy heart that we want to announce that Harrison no longer exists. Harrison’s funeral will be held on Thursday, April 6, 2023, at Douglas Baptist Church in New Brunswick, Canada. We all wish God to give strength to his family. People are sending condolences to his family. We will all miss him forever. We have shared all the information about this case. So stay tuned with us.

Harrison Gilks ​​TikTokHarrison Gilks ​​TikTokHarrison Gilks ​​TikTok

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