How did Jeff Hassan Meninggal die? Special action actor died of a heart attack

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How did Jeff Hassan Meninggal die?  Special action actor died of a heart attack

We are saddened and shocked as well after hearing the news of the death of Jeff Hassan. Yes, you heard right, Jeff Hassan is no more. Jeff Hassan was a renowned actor who has appeared in various television shows. Ever since the death of Jeff Hassan broke out and hit the internet, he has been making headlines and shocking the people of his country. Everyone who has ever seen his performance adored and praised him. Fans have gone crazy to know what happened to Jeff Hassan or how Jeff Hassan died. Do you know what the cause of death of Jeff Hassan is? If not, this article will let you know. If you are also searching the internet regarding the same then this is the right place. In this article, we have explored this history and discussed each imperative aspect. So be sticky with this page. Scroll down the screen and read more details.

How did Jeff Hassan Meninggal die?

The heartbreaking update on Jeff Hassan came on Friday morning, May 5, 2023, as the entertainment world was rocked by the news of Jeff Hassan’s death. Jeff Hassan reportedly breathed his last early Friday morning around 2:25 am. Furthermore, it was announced that Jeff Hassan was at the Segamat Hospital located in Johor. Scroll down the page and read Jeff Hassan’s cause of death and age.

Since he was declared dead, the cause of his death has been the topic of the town as the actor passed away prematurely. The actor reportedly gave up his life after being stricken with a heart attack. Yes, he died of a heart attack. The actor was 56 years old at the time of his death. Since he died at a premature age, his death also left everyone stunned and shocked. Scroll down the page and learn more about him.

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People affectionately recognized him as Jeff Hassan, but he was also known as Allahyarham Jeff or Muhammad Jefrey Hassan. Who revealed the death of Jeff Hassan? His friend Mak Wan or Halimatussa’diah Daud reportedly gave this news. The fellow actor said that he received the news of Jeff Hassan’s passing from the Malaysian Artists Association. “I was informed that Jeff Hassan died of a heart attack,” Mak Wan further added that he did not know if he had a disease. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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