How to achieve success against the enemy in Chanakya politics?

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Chanakya mentions many times the conquest of enemies. Adopting these Chanakya principles is very important if you want to be successful against the enemy. How to achieve success against the enemy in Chanakya politics?

According to the Chanakya policy, whoever the enemy is, his aim is only to harm others. Never make the mistake of considering the enemy weak. According to the Chanakya doctrine, when the enemy is not visible, that is, he tries to attack invisibly, more care should be taken.

Let’s meet the enemies in Chanakya politics.

1. Disease, Dosha are Enemy: According to Chanakya theory, the enemy does not attack only in human form, that is, Disease and Dosha also do not appear as enemies but cause damage as enemies. That is why one should always be more careful with these.

2. Do not ignore the enemy: According to Chanakya Neeti, when the enemy attacks secretly, it is not visible, then it should not be taken lightly. It is very dangerous and a little carelessness can cost you a lot.

3. Enemies are not weak: According to the Chanakya spirit, a person’s skills, abilities and talents are tested only in times of crisis. An enemy should never be considered weak and such a mistake should never be made. One must always keep an eye on the enemy and stay ready for any situation.

4. Be prepared for the fight: Chanakya Neeti says that one must not lose courage in times of crisis. According to Chanakya, if you have to fight hard to defeat the enemy, you have to do it. Never fear conflict. He says that those who are afraid to fight will face defeat.

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5. Caution is essential: according to Acharya Chanakya, the crisis does not arise from counting. Those who are always prepared to face any situation, that is, in a state of alert, will surely succeed.

6. Don’t panic:

According to the Chanakya philosophy, we should not panic in any kind of crisis. To avoid crises, measures given by experts and knowledgeable people should be adopted. Along with this, one must use their talent and knowledge to save others.

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