How to check internet speed? [You Should Know]

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There are a number of reasons why you might want to test your internet speed. Its main purpose is to validate that your Internet Service Provider is delivering the promised megabits per second, but it can also help if you suspect Internet problems.

The bad news is that if you have internet problems, you will rarely be able to fix them on your own. Sure, you can try resetting the router or checking for interference, but if there are issues with your network that you can’t fix, it depends on your provider and there isn’t always a simple fix.

In either case, an internet speed test can confirm that your connection isn’t working 100 percent.

SpeedTest: always reliable

SpeedTest is the most recommended website to check internet speed as it displays download speed, upload speed and other vital metrics that can help you pinpoint a problem.

You can use the tool directly on the Internet, but for more accurate results, we recommend downloading the desktop version for PC or Mac. The procedure is quick and can be completed on the tool’s website (under the Go button).

To use it, just press the GO button and it will start tracking your speed automatically. Once the analysis is complete, you will be presented with a dashboard with the results, highlighting three crucial things to consider: PING, DOWNLOAD and UPLOAD are supported.

Under Download, we can see our current download speed. Here, we can confirm whether or not our service provider provides the advertised speed. Conversely, if you think you’re having trouble and your speed is slower than expected, it may be time to call your Internet service provider. Similarly, you can take the test multiple times to assess speed; if it returns different results, it is likely that there are communication problems.

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Also, the upload speed is essential. We will not observe large downloads in this case (at least on a normal network). Today, it is common for it to oscillate between 5 and 10 Mbps; If you see speeds below 1.0, you may be experiencing problems and should contact your service provider.

Below these two results, the connection latencies are displayed. The rule is that the lower the value, the better. If the ping doesn’t show up or is too high, you may be having problems, especially with online games. Gaming and streaming are suggested to have low pings and avoid latency issues.

alternative options

If you want a “second opinion”, you can use reliable alternatives to SpeedTest, some of which offer additional data analysis capabilities; however, you should avoid subscribing to one of these services. You don’t require it.

Once you arrive at one of these sites, avoid clicking on the ads because they may not be associated with the site. Similarly, if an app has a desktop version, use it for more accurate results.

  • Google speed test
  • SpeedOf.Me
  • Speed ​​control
  • nPerf

possible solutions

We can guarantee that when you contact your service provider, they will tell you to reboot your router to see if the connection improves. This should be accomplished by disconnecting the signal and light cables and waiting 10 minutes before reconnecting them.

You can also try to access your router using the IP address, which requires a passcode and password normally found on the router (user is usually “Administrator”). There, you can restart the device or reset the connection. Similarly, you can see the number of connections and determine if someone is using your Internet.

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