How to clear Google search history on different devices?

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How to clear Google search history on different devices?

Worried about what others might see if they used your computer?

Is the amount of browsing history slowing down your device?

We will demonstrate how to delete Google search history from Chrome and your computer and mobile device.

You have already added another website to your browsing history just by landing on this page. And if a search engine sent you here, that’s another entry in your search history. Most people are unaware of the vast amount of information that Google has about them.

Google collects your data every time you search the Internet, watch a video on YouTube, or search for a location on Google Maps, and that’s just the beginning!

Well, you don’t have to worry about anything as you have found the right place if you are trying to figure out how to clear Google search history and prevent Google from storing your data.

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What is the need to clear Google search history?

It is completely acceptable to want to protect your Google search history. Google has been mentioned frequently, and not always favorably, in data security news. People are becoming more aware of how Google uses data, from disclosing its products to collecting personal and user information from Google apps through customer data disclosure.

Google knows a lot about you even if you don’t use any of its services, since you presumably use three or four of them daily. It also uses your data for the benefit of Google Ads. Even if you used the program offline, your information could have been collected about your purchases and commutes.

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There are ways to delete your Google search history that’s stored on your devices if you’ve been looking at something you shouldn’t see if you’re looking for a job or if you just don’t want sites to collect your personal information.

How to delete Google search history through Google account?

When you delete your Google search history, Google doesn’t actually delete your search history. Even when you remove details of your behavior, Google keeps records of how and when you use specific features.

However, you can keep it out of sight to keep nosy people out of your life. By doing the following, you can delete your search history:

Step 1 – If you’re not already signed in, go to on a web or mobile browser and sign in with your Google account.

Step 2: Choose the Data & Personalization category on the left, then navigate to Activity & Timeline by scrolling down. Click My Activity (enter your password or two-factor authentication if you have additional verification settings turned on).

Step 3 – Choose Delete Activity after choosing the three vertical dots at the top of the screen to the right of the search field to delete all your “Google search histories”.

In the Delete activity box, choose All the time.

Step 4 – Select All to select all categories or select the activity from the services you want to delete. Click Next.

select categories

Step 5 – To permanently delete your activity from Google, choose Delete on the confirmation window.

You can clear specific items from Google search activity by scrolling through the My Activity page or by using the search bar to locate the search you want to get rid of. Select Delete after choosing the three vertical dots of the element in the upper right corner.

How to delete Google search history on PC or Mac?

You can clear your Google search history from Google Chrome if that is the web browser you use the most.

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Step 1 – On a laptop or desktop computer, launch the Chrome web browser.

Step 2 – In the upper right corner of the browser, click on the three vertical dots.

Step 3 – From the drop-down menu, choose History and then choose History from the sub-menu.

Choose History

Step 4: Select Clear browsing data on the left side of the screen to clear all searches you have performed between a certain time and the present.

Clear Navigation Dara

Step 5 – Choose All Time from the Time Range dropdown selection on the next tab to delete your history. If you want to keep something, you can uncheck the box next to that particular item.

Select All the time and Clear data

Step 6: Choose Clear data.

Step 7 – To remove something from your history, click the three vertical dots to the right of the item you want to remove.

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How to delete Google search history on iOS?

You can clear your search history in Google Chrome if you’re using an iPhone or iPad.

Step 1 – On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Chrome web browser app.

Step 2 – In the menu at the bottom, click on the three horizontal dots.

Click on the three horizontal dots

Step 3: In the submenu, select History.

Step 4 – Tap Clear browsing data at the bottom to delete all your browsing histories.

Step 5 – Select a time frame from the options on the next tab. Leave it set to All time to delete all your past activity.

Select All the time

Step 6: Check if Browsing History is selected. Touch it to add a check mark if it isn’t. You can tap to check or uncheck any of the following.

To confirm that you want to clear browsing data, tap Clear browsing data and you’re done.

How to delete Google search history on Android?

You can delete your search history from Google Chrome if you mainly use an Android device.

Step 1: Launch the Chrome web browser on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 2: The history can be accessed by tapping on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

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Step 3: To completely clear your browsing history, select Clear browsing data.

Delete navigation data

Step 4 – Select All Time from the Time Range dropdown menu if you want to clear all histories. Clear the checkboxes next to the listed items below if you don’t want them.

Step 5 – At the bottom right corner, tap on Clear data.

Bonus: Enable automatic deletion of Google search history

Using a web browser or Google’s mobile app, you can use Google’s automatic deletion options to clear your search history, as well as any site and app activity. As? keep reading

Step 1 – Navigate to the Web & App Activity page using a web browser.

Choose Delete automatically.

Step 2: Choose Delete automatically.

Step 3: By selecting the Automatically delete activity older than check box, you can choose a time interval. All activities that are older than three months, 18 months, or 36 months can be deleted.

Choose Next.

Step 4: Choose Next.

Step 5: To save your changes, select Confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FourHow do I see my Google search history?

Answer: Open Google Chrome and click the three-dot menu > History or press Ctrl+H to show your Google search history.

Why can’t I delete my Google search history?

Answer: When trying to delete your search history, there may be a problem with older versions of Chrome. Try one more time after updating Google Chrome.

How do I delete my history on my Chromebook?

Answer: Open Google Chrome and choose the three-dot menu > History > Clear browsing data to clear your browsing history on your Chromebook. An alternative is to check the box next to each website you want to remove and then select Remove.

Can anyone see your history after you delete it?

Answer: Even though they have been deleted from your computer, unauthorized users can still access private history files and recover them using free online file recovery software.

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