How to download TikTok video with Qoob Clips?

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How to download TikTok video with Qoob Clips?

Tiktok is a new obsession in our generation. Children, young people and even adults are making videos. it’s a great way to stay happy. Also, it has become an addiction for everyone. Having a TikTok app on your phone doesn’t mean you have to make videos all the time. However, you can also watch many videos made by other people. Many people who don’t like making videos can easily watch them. Sometimes, they feel like downloading them as they loved them the most. But due to privacy issues, they couldn’t download them. Here, we have solved your concern. As Qoob Clips is the best tool to download a TikTok video.

Following your favorite celebrities is not an easy thing. You may want to copy them all the time. Therefore, you also like to save your videos on your mobile phone. Sometimes when you see the video at first sight, you like it very much. And you wanted to save it for future use.

What are Qoob Clips?

It is one of the most powerful tools used to download TikTok videos. Whether you want to save publicly or privately, you can easily download your favorite videos with it.

It would be quite amazing if you download your favorite video with Qoob Clips. All you have to do is follow the simple one-click steps. So, whether it is a public or private account, you can easily save the content. It is one of the best desktop applications that will help you download your favorite video. Now you can easily watch your favorite part without being interrupted by ads. The ads are the most annoying thing you can face. Especially, when it comes to watching your favorite part. Once you decide to download a TikTok video with Qoob Clips. The next question is how to download a video while using it

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How to download the video with Qoob Clips?

It is quite easy to download a TikTok video with Qoob Clips. All it takes is access to Qoob Clips. Open the Qoob tool on your desktop, enter the name of the account whose videos you want to see. And here you go, now easily view all public and private content with it. This app will allow you to download many videos at a time instead of downloading a single video at a time.

Watch the videos without any interruption. This tool does not display any kind of ads. Click a single button and download a TikTok video in a few seconds. This app is mainly designed for desktop purpose so in this way you can easily view the data on the desktop. It’s not just limited to mobile phones, use it on your computers too.

Steps to download a video with Qoob Clips

These steps are quite easy and you can download your favorite videos in a few seconds. The first and foremost step is to download this tool on your desktop computer or mobile phone.

  1. Just place your cursor in the search bar and type the username and hashtag of the person whose videos you want to see.
  2. Once you have typed in the username or hashtag, click the download button.
  3. Download all the data to your desktop and save it for future use.

In this way, you can easily view the content without any unnecessary advertising. Watch the videos and clips when you find free time and imitate your favorite celebrity as much as possible. Just click on the clip you want to watch, right-click, and you can easily view the content on a hard drive.

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Price plan

This tool offers three different pricing plans. An initiator, personal, and a professional. You can subscribe to any of them. For example, the Starter plan is free but has limited access, while the Personal plan costs $10 and the Professional plan costs $30.

starter plan

The starter plan is for beginners, you can use it for free. You can search for two usernames and hashtags using this plan. Also, it will allow you to download 50 videos daily.

personal plan

The personal plan will cost you $10 per month. With a personal plan, you can download 10 TikTok hashtags and usernames. Similarly, you can easily download your favorite 500 videos. Download a TikTok video without ads and watch them over and over again.

professional plan

This plan gives you a pending search limit. You can easily download unlimited TikTok videos and hashtags. Also, download unlimited videos with this plan. This will cost you $30 per month. As it allows you unlimited options to download and browse by username.

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