How to Get Followers on Instagram – 6 tricks

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Instagram Followers

Do you find it difficult to get followers on Instagram and are you looking for tricks and strategies that allow you to gain visibility on this social network?

Well, you are reading the right guide.

Here you will find the easiest and simplest way to increase the number of followers that will help you to have such a wide audience.

The reasons for wanting to gain followers on Instagram can be several, either for a personal passion, for advertising or for all those who want to have more notoriety to make work proposals.

Pro tip: If you are very short on time, then the best idea is to buy Instagram followers from any trusted vendor on the market.

We are going to analyze some very useful, simple and practical tips to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

Get followers on Instagram: 6 practical tips

Connect Facebook with your Instagram user

You will have read it everywhere but it is a little basic advice to have more fans, in reality it seems something logical and banal, but it should not be underestimated. The more friends you have on Facebook, the more people will receive the notification, and consequently the more likely many people will become followers.

Use the correct hashtags

Have you ever wondered what is the use of putting a hashtag before one or more words?

Hashtags highlight words or phrases, enjoying the most popular ones, making them visible to everyone who is not your followers.

In fact, the pound sign is a symbol that tells search engines that the text that follows is a keyword identifiable as a tag, directing your post to the searches of other users with similar arguments.

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How to use hashtags?

Do you have to choose one in particular, or is the order commutative?

If you’re a regular on Instagram, you may have noticed that in the descriptions there are some hashtags that appear repeatedly, like #Instadaily #Instagood #Photooftheday.

We reveal some suggestions that will lead to a high number of followers:

  • There are the most popular and appreciated hashtags by the Instagram community, that is, the Top Hashtags: #love #instadaily #instagood #summer #me #instagramhub #tbt #follow #cute #iphoneonly #photooftheday #igdaily #instamood #bestoftheday # iphonesia #picoftheday #igers #girl #tweegram #beautiful
  • To have the hashtags always ready and well organized, you simply have to copy and paste from your mobile notes. Use the Tagboard for more precise searching and tracking.
  • Use the correct hashtags associated with the content of the photo, also within a description.

Write a description on each photo.

A description can be very important to give added value to the photo, increasing interactions, consequently increasing the user’s curiosity, who will most likely become your fan.

You may have noticed that most of the hashtags are in English.

So, to get more popularity on Instagram you have to make an effort and target an international audience, in order to attract international followers. SuperViral.Ca is an emerging platform that is helping the community create an online presence. With the advantage that this will make you visible on many more devices, compared to a title written in English that will surely be more limited.

original photos

We have talked about people, we have talked about descriptions, and of course, we cannot talk about the most important topic of these social networks: photos!

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Create a particular style that represents you and encourages those who don’t know you to follow you and want to know even more.

Speaking of photos, we must make a special mention of the effects.

There are some effects that are appreciated more than the others, and that the server recognizes and directs to other users who have liked photos with the same effects (data obtained from the appreciation of the photos with these effects), which are:

Be active

Do not forget that Instagram is a social network, and therefore requires interaction.

It is very important to be recognized by the server as an active user, which will help you appear at the top of the searches.

  • Gain interactions by adding likes and comments, which will consequently bring other likes and comments to your profile, because you will enjoy the gratitude and the psychological feeling of feeling indebted to the users to whom you will give appreciation.
  • Adding many followers, particularly non-Instagram stars, helps the system insert you into a circle of people and will therefore advise you, once again, to people of the same target and interest.
  • Same passions find users who have the same interests and interact with them.
  • Avoid already famous profiles, they will hardly notice you, alternatively you can point and interact with their followers.

The importance of time

The timing of posting is another critical card to play well if you want to gain followers on Instagram.

Instagram has a preference for exposed photos. Publishing a photo, for example, late at night, means inserting it at a time when the users of the social network are not very active, so your publication will drop a lot in the visibility ranking, with the consequence of a noticeable drop in visibility. Likes and followers, regarding which you can earn by posting the photos at the right times.

  • Time: According to statistical data, the use of Instagram is much more active generally at five in the afternoon and in the early hours of the night, when everyone finishes their own main activities.
  • Days: The best days to publish are Thursdays and Fridays, even in the afternoon.
  • Frequency: Very important. Its validity period -in which 50% of the likes and comments are verified- is 3 hours, so you have a very active profile.
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What won’t they tell you?

After many tests, we can affirm that one of the best methods that they don’t tell you to get a lot of followers in a few days is that it is necessary to appear frequently on the popular page, that is, on the visual exploration of the social network. .

To achieve this goal, a particular Instagram algorithm must be followed: in the first minutes from the publication of the photo, it is necessary for it to receive a predefined number of likes and related to the number of followers of its own profile, it will automatically. appear among the first results of the suggestions page.

How to get so many likes in a short time?

An effective solution is to buy Instagram followers immediately after posting the photo, thus giving it the necessary visibility so that many followers reach your profile.

Ideally, you would find an automatic like attachment at the same time a photo is posted, what if we told you it exists? Of course there is!


Getting followers on Instagram has never been so practical, today we spend a few euros, and tomorrow we will find thousands of followers. Not bad, right?

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