How to make presentations online during a video conference?

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The latest technology has made business meetings and collaborations easier and more professional. Communication plays an important role in any organization. Every organization needs to connect, share and collaborate with their employees through the use of a medium. These types of communications mainly require meetings and conferences.

Traditionally, these types of meetings and conferences are held in closed rooms, but now digitization has encouraged videoconferences. Video conferencing has become a necessity, especially in the recent pandemic.

SOOMUS – Best Online Presentation Video Recorder

It is one of the best presentation recorders that allows the user to make presentations online while in an ongoing virtual conference. The app is designed to provide efficient features and tools for making eye-catching online presentations.

SOOMUS has changed the traditional meeting or conference system. As PC video software, it works with mainstream software like zoom, skype or team for online presentations. This SOOMUS feature has solved many online meeting problems.

Also, to make it easy for the users, the app comes with guidelines on how to record PowerPoint presentations easily. Its up-to-date features and tools make it the best among all slideshow makers as it allows the user to change the background of the recorded video slideshow.

SOOMUS also provides more than 100 presentation templates and options that make it possible to customize the online presentation as per need and demand. It also provides a function to hide the background of the recorded online presentation. This feature, along with everything else, makes it best to use for recording presentations during a video conference.

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It is recommended to go to this page to learn more about SOOMUS and watch their tutorials.

How to make an online presentation during a video conference

SOOMUS works best for each type of presentation to record. It also provides customization tools to make it more identifiable and attractive. Here are the steps on how to make an online presentation during an ongoing video conference:

Step 1. Navigate to the official SOOMUS website and download the software on your computer. Launch the software and create your account on it. You have to choose “Create new video” from the method.

Step 2. After importing the PPT presentation, choose any template from the panel present on the right side of the screen.

Here you are also allowed to make additional adjustments to your presentation, such as adding graphics, images, text, or animations to make your presentation more relatable. Press the “start new” button present at the bottom of the page.

Step 3. After importing your PowerPoint presentation, connect to any main meeting software such as Zoom, Skype or Team, etc. to start the conference. At the end, save the video and give it a name.

Go to this page to do it right now.

Reasons why you should use SOOMUS to make an online presentation

SOOMUS has many features that come in handy during presentations and video recording. You need to visit the SOOMUS website for more information and then download it as it is free so you can enjoy all its features.

This app has a main focus on ease of use while providing pro-level features, so the app is designed according to this as well. Some of the features of SOOMUS that allow the user to make professional level online presentations are described below.

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SOOMUS provides a virtual background to users that can be used for online presentations. It works best for solving privacy issues, since most video conferences take place at home.

SOOMUS provides a large number of virtual backgrounds or you can also add any image from your gallery to customize the background of an online presentation.

SOOMUS provides more than 100 presentation templates for users to make unique presentations. This also saves the time users spend editing and customizing the template. Now you can choose any template and just use it in the presentation.

  • friendly interface

SOOMUS has made the online presentation creation process very simple and easy. Even a layman can use it as it does not require any skills or experience in Photoshop or video graphics. Also, the app comes with tutorials that provide detailed guidelines on how and what can be done in it.

  • Presentation customization options

Many presentation recording tools do not offer options to customize the presentation. But SOOMUS offers free presentation options that allow users to customize their presentation according to their needs and preferences.

By using the presentation options, you can choose different presentation modes depending on the target audience. You can choose content-only mode to hide content completely or go full screen while hiding content.

It also provides options to confine your image to a small area along with the slideshow content and many other options.

  • Use of watermark and pointer

Users can easily add official watermark or custom watermark on virtual meetings or recorded video. Pointers are used to highlight key points in content.

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SOOMUS has revolutionized the traditional conferencing system in which it acts as a PC video player and works with conventional conferencing software to present PowerPoint presentation. This gives the best answer to those who are looking for how to make an online presentation during a video conference.

The process to make or record a presentation using SOOMUS is very easy and simple as described in the previous article.

It allows the user to upload recorded videos of presentations that can be done on any of the social media platforms. Also, SOOMUS possesses many amazing features that add much more strength to it.

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