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With the rise in popularity of user-friendly people search engines, much of our personal information has been widely available, making it vulnerable to criminals.

These web services require little or no effort to look up someone’s information, such as their name, ID, address, and other personal information.

Reverse phone lookups are one of the most common ways to learn more about someone by looking up their phone number. Here is an article on reverse phone lookup that you may find useful.

When someone’s personal information falls into the wrong hands, it can be quite damaging. It can be used to hurt you in a number of ways, including:

Identity theft: If someone else has access to your data, they can imitate you and steal your identity. They can simply get large loans, mortgages, and credit card applications in your name. This could get you into legal trouble with the authorities and it could take a long time to clear your name.

stalking: Anyone can verify your social media accounts, as well as your home location and phone number, on the internet. Stalkers and other dangerous actors can use this information to locate and attack you.

In addition, you may find irrelevant or incorrect information about yourself on the Internet, which can be used to discredit you. It will be hard for you to find a job because many employers use these people search engines to check your background.

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NumLooker is one of the most popular people search engines. Check out the article for people finders with NumLooker for information on virtually all of the publicly available ones. However, because some people are hesitant to share their personal information online, NumLooker makes it easy to remove your information from the public record.

Learn how to delete your data from NumLooker in the next post.

How to delete your NumLooker profile

It’s easy to get rid of your information with NumLooker. It does not involve any kind of registration or account setup, and you will not have to pay anything to have your information removed. However, the removal request may take up to 48 hours to process.

To remove your information from NumLooker, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Find yourself.

To get started, use NumLooker to find your profile. It’s pretty easy; all you have to do is go to and type your name into the search box on the home page. Clicking on the search icon should bring up a list of profiles that meet your criteria.

You can also use the reverse lookup tool to verify your phone number or the reverse address lookup tool to look up your home address.

Find an address backwards

Step 2: Locate your profile

NumLooker will search its massive database and present you with a list of all matching profiles after you submit your search request. You can discover your profile by scrolling and looking at the list from here.

You can narrow the results by adding additional data, such as the name of your city or by selecting your state of origin from the dropdown option in the search bar, as there may be many people with the same name.

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To open your profile, find it and click ‘Check details’.

Step 3: Request that your information be deleted.

On the profile page, look for the “Delete my data” button and click it to opt out of the NumLooker database.

Verification is the fourth step.

An email will be sent to you with a verification link. Simply click the link to authenticate your identity, your request will be accepted and NumLooker will begin the process of removing your profile from search results.

After that, you will receive a confirmation email confirming that your information has been removed from the NumLookers database. You can double check this by browsing your profile on NumLooker again.

The actual processing of the deletion request normally takes one to two days. To see the results, you may need to clear the cache on your device.

Opting out on someone else’s behalf

You can also unsubscribe on behalf of a family member with NumLooker. The procedure for doing so is almost identical. You must also obtain valid written authorization from the person whose profile you are requesting to be deleted.

Background of NumLooker

NumLooker is the best known search engine. By linking various publicly available records from around the world, he has amassed a massive database of accurate information on everyone.

All information on NumLooker is derived from publicly available sources obtained from the government, and its use is entirely legal and risk-free. Both businesses and individuals use it to run background checks, look up contact information, and locate addresses. As a result, NumLooker seeks to unite people and bring them closer together.

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NumLooker can be accessed directly from your web browser and is designed in the style of a search engine, similar to Google. To search for someone, all you need is their name. Generates a list of potential matches from which you can select the profile of the person you want.

NumLooker has created several tools to help you with your search. The following are some of its most notable features:

The people look

This tool can be used to locate a person’s profile using only their name. Because there are many people with the same name, you can further filter the list of results by providing additional information, such as the person’s city or state. This is a fantastic tool for reconnecting with old friends.

Find a phone number backwards

This is the process of using a phone number to look up information such as a person’s name, personal identity, and address. You are looking for information about an unknown phone number.

look for an address

Much like a phone lookup service, it uses the address to acquire information about the location’s tenant. It allows you to check if a person who claims to live at a certain address lives there or not.

email search

This feature allows you to search for the name, address, and age of the person who owns a specific email address.


It is not a good idea to make your information public so that no one sees it, as unscrupulous actors could use it to cause you great harm. NumLooker, on the other hand, makes it easy to hide your profile and remove your information from the public record.

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