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Introduction to Google Ads Certification

For marketers, Google Ads accreditation is a valuable credential.

It is one of the few standardized techniques for demonstrating a certain level of knowledge or connection to a particular topic.

While it’s not a unique badge, it does require some effort in terms of understanding the ideas or hands-on experience with Google Ads.

What is Google Ad Certification and how does it work?

Google Ads Certification is a program that certifies marketers as online advertising specialists.

People who complete ad certification exams receive a personalized certificate and can contribute to a company’s Google partner credentials if they’re associated with one.

The program, like many other Google products, domains, and projects, has developed over time.

Previously, the certification program was a separate program with a fee for taking the exams.

That changed with the launch of the Google Partners program and has continued to evolve with the relocation of Google Academy for Ads in 2018 and the redesign of the Skill Shop more recently.

Individual certification still works with training content and tests the same way it did a few years ago (before Google AdWords was rebranded as Google Ads).

Having that basic degree of exposure to Google Stuff is much more specific than learning about Google Ads from a school textbook.

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Also, being able to associate that person who is already accredited with my company’s Google Partner account has value.

This step-by-step guide will help you through the Ads certification process, which can be a complex procedure the first time you do it or when you return to find the new system and structure in the Skill Shop.

Step 1 – Create or choose a Google account.

Get started by selecting the appropriate Google account for your certification.

If you work for a company or agency, you will almost certainly be forced to use your work email address.

If you’re certifying on your own, you’ll want to choose a Google account that your certification will be linked to both personally and publicly.

It can be a Google account or a Gmail account linked to any personal email account.

Step 2: Start using the Skill Shop

Make sure to sign out of any other Google accounts once you’ve discovered your Google account.

When you’re connected to multiple Google accounts, you can get confused or have sign-in issues, just like with other Google products. Go to ids=53-google-ads while only signed in to the account you want to use for certification.

Step 3: Prepare for the exam

Google offers both basic educational information and more detailed training materials.

The following are the Google Ads certifications:

Look for




shopping ads


Step 4: Pass the exam

To become certified, you must first pass an assessment in one of the certification specializations.

Your accreditation for the focus area of ​​that specific product will then be issued.

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You can stop with one specialization or continue until you have mastered and earned all specializations relevant to your desired qualifications.

Nothing says you can’t take them all if you are a top achiever or enjoy standardized testing.

pass an exam

Step 5: Connect with Google Partners (optional)

Disclaimer: In 2021, the Google Partner Program standards will change. They were supposed to be updated in mid-2020, but that was pushed back. These data are for the present procedure, which will be updated in 2021.

You must have shared your account with your company if you want to connect your account with your company for Partner credit and other relevant benefits.

You can complete this step if you skipped it or say no.

Click on your user icon in the top right corner, then My Profile, while still logged into the Skill Shop.

This process requires filling in your profile information, which validates you and links you to your organization.

To validate from the Google Partners site, the administrator of your Google Partners profile must ensure that they have created a user account for you in Google Ads and that you can see it connected in the Google Ads Partners tab.

That account must be linked to the company’s master account, which must be a partner because Google will use it to match your Skill Shop account.

Please note that this method, as well as some of the partner status requirements, will change in 2021.


You should be proud of yourself once you have achieved your certification.

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While many recruiting companies and managers require certification, passing requires effort to review study materials and/or experience working in advertising for some time.

These can be useful complementary qualifications and specializations to obtain based on your job and career path.

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