Huawei Watch 4 Series Introduces World’s First Non-Invasive High Blood Sugar Testing Function

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Huawei Watch 4 Series

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Non-invasive blood sugar monitoring is a term that has been thrown around a lot in the smart wearable device business, with big companies like Apple and Samsung said to be working on it. In the latest Huawei Watch 4 series, Huawei introduced the world’s first non-invasive blood sugar monitoring device. The watch was introduced earlier this month to international consumers and is now available domestically with this exclusive feature.

High blood pressure evaluation

This is a big step forward for Huawei’s work in the field of smart health. The Huawei Watch 4 series not only took the first step in the field of blood sugar health, but also launched the first function to assess the risk of high blood sugar.

It also added one-touch detection of ten signs of health, the ability to make reports and a one-stop closed-loop online consultation service. This closed-loop health service makes you the best wrist health protection expert in the business.

This new smart watch has deep integration of national health and deep implementation of the Healthy China plan. Therefore, in the future, users will be able to use a variety of smart devices that work with the Huawei Watch 4 series to get more intelligent and scientific health services.

Powerful and Study

The Huawei Watch 4 has a blue titanium alloy case and the first recycled nylon composite strap in the business. The cloth fiber leash is made from old fishing nets and other fabrics that have been repurposed. Considering both how stiff it is and how comfortable it is makes it stand out.

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This is the first sapphire crystal smartwatch that is shaped like a dial. The spherical shape fits better with the curved shape of the whole watch, making it look like it is flying. Sapphire, which is very hard, is used to protect the crystal. It is often used in high-end legacy watches where it can help protect the screen to a great extent.

With an 11.1% weight reduction, the Watch Series 4 is now lighter and smaller. Compared to the last generation, the width has been reduced by 10.3%. The watch makes the whole experience of wearing it lighter and more comfortable.

Huawei watch series 4

The official description says that Huawei TruSeen 5.0+ heart rate tracking technology is built into the Huawei Watch 4 series. It takes into account how you wear it and how your vital signs change throughout the day and night.

In addition, the Huawei Watch 4 series supports ECG analysis, heart health research, vascular health research, and respiratory health research. It also has new features such as blood vessel age detection and cardiovascular risk assessment, and has published a health trends report.

When you look at how the exchanges work, the Huawei Watch 4 series has great themes. Every time you turn the side crown button, it tells you something. Professional sports modes such as golf, free diving and hiking have been added to the Huawei Watch 4 line. Users can also use the guide when they are offline.

This stylish new smartwatch runs on the HarmonyOS 3.1 operating system, giving you access to the latest smart features.

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For added security, the Huawei Watch 4 Pro is waterproof up to 5ATM. On the other hand, the watch has a battery life of 4.5 days (or 21 days if you use the ultra-long battery life mode). The Watch 4 has a 3-day battery life (14 days in Ultra Long Life mode).

The Huawei Watch 4 series has a total of six models: Azure Earth (Pro), Jupiter Brown (Pro), Mars Titanium (Pro), Venus White, Saturn Brown, and Magic Moon Black.

Huawei Watch 4 series prices

Watch 4 Pro:

  • Jupiter Brown – 3399 yuan ($484 USD, 448 EUR)
  • Mars Titanium – 3999 yuan ($569 USD, 528 EUR)
  • Azure Earth – 3599 yuan ($512 USD, 475 EUR)

Clock 4:

  • White Venus – 2899 ($412 USD, 383 EUR)
  • Black Moon – 2699 ($384 USD, 356 EUR)
  • Saturn Brown – 2899 ($412 USD, 393 EUR)

Huawei Watch 4 series with high blood sugar test function will start to be sold in China from May 18, 2023.

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