In Hinduism, the Ganges river is worshiped as a goddess or mother. According to religious beliefs, bathing in Maa Ganga removes the problems of life. There are many stories related to the birth and origin of the Ganges River.

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In Hinduism, the Ganges river is worshiped as a goddess or mother.  According to religious beliefs, bathing in Maa Ganga removes the problems of life.  There are many stories related to the birth and origin of the Ganges River.

The Ganges River is known as Mokshadayini and Jeevadayini. Mother Ganga also has a special importance in Hinduism. It is one of the major rivers in India, covering a total distance of 2,525 kilometers in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The Ganga River is not only known for its clean and pure water, but also has special significance from a spiritual point of view. In Hinduism, she is worshiped as a goddess. In the Indian Vedas and Puranas, the context of Maa Ganga has been explained in detail. There is a belief that the person who bathes in Mother Ganga even once in her life, her sins not only from this birth but also from previous births are destroyed.

The water supply of the cities located on the banks of the Ganges River also comes from this river. Along with this, big business like agriculture and tourism are also done through the Ganges river. Maa Ganga has also been considered very beneficial from a health point of view. There are some viruses in the water of this river, which are capable of killing harmful germs, so a person does not get any disease from drinking the water of this river.

The Ganges River originates from this place.

The Ganga River originates from the Gangotri Glacier at the Gomukh place of Garhwal, situated in the lap of the Himalayas. A temple dedicated to Maa Ganga is also present at this particular location. Along with this, it is also considered a pilgrimage area. The geographical and cultural importance of the six big ones and their subsidiaries five small streams present here is maximum. Also, this revered river joins many rivers like Yamuna, Kosi, Gandak, Ghaghra. Along with this, the origin story of Maa Ganga has also been explained in detail in the Puranas.

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Mythological origin story of Maa Ganga

According to legend, a ruler named Raja Bali had established his authority on earth by pleasing Lord Vishnu and began to regard himself as God. Wracked with pride, King Bali challenged Devraj Indra to a fight. Seeing the danger hanging over the sky, Devraj Indra sought the help of Lord Vishnu. So Lord Vishnu took the form of Vamana to save King Bali.

At the same time, King Bali was performing Ashwamedha Yajna for the happiness and prosperity of his kingdom. In which he organized a big Brahmin meal and gave him charity. Only then Lord Vishnu came to King Bali in the form of Vamana. Bali had realized that Lord Vishnu had come to him. When King Bali asked the Brahmin to ask for a donation, Lord Vamana asked King Bali for three steps of land as a donation. Hearing this, King Bali happily agreed. Then Lord Vishnu assumed the monstrous form of him. His feet became so big that he measured the whole earth with one foot and the whole sky with the other step. After this, Lord Vamana asked where he should keep the third step from him. Then King Bali said that ‘I have nothing more to give’ and bowed his head and asked her to place her third step on his body. Then Lord Vaman did the same and such a Bali king entered Patal Lok.

According to legend, when Lord Vishnu raised his other leg towards the sky, Lord Brahma washed his feet and filled a Kamandal with water. Maa Ganga was born in the kamandal of Brahma ji due to the shine of the water. After some time, Brahma ji handed her over to Parvatraj Himalaya as her daughter. A legend also prevails that when Lord Vamana lifted one of his feet towards the sky, his wound left a hole in the sky. Because of this, three streams were divided. One stream fell on the earth, the other went to the sky, and the third went to Patal Lok. That is why Mother Ganga is also known as Tripathaga.

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This is how mother Ganga came to earth

A story of the river Ganges coming into the land prevails that, in ancient times, Sagar Namak used to be a majestic king. Who organized Ashwamedha Yagya for the expansion of his empire and left the horse during the Yagya. When Devraj Indra heard about this yagya, he became worried. He was worried that if Ashwamedha’s horse traverses the sky, King Sagar will also establish his kingdom in the sky. In mythological times, the state through which the horse released during the Ashwamedh Yagya passed, belonged to that king. Therefore, due to fear of losing heaven, Indra changed the guise of him and quietly tied King Sagar’s horse to Kapil Muni’s hermitage. During this, Kapil Muni was in a deep meditation posture.

When King Sagar found out about the theft of the horse. He then became very angry and in a fit of rage he sent his sixty thousand sons in search of a horse. When his sons learned that the horse was tied up in Kapil Muni’s hermitage, they mistook Kapil Muni for a thief and entered the hermitage to fight with him. When Kapil Muni, absorbed in meditation, heard the noise, he came to the place. Where Sagar’s sons falsely accused him of horse theft. Hearing this, Dev Muni became very angry and in a fit of rage he burned all the sons of King Sagar to ashes in the fire and all his sons began to wander in the phantom vagina. This is because the children could not obtain salvation by turning to ashes without performing the last rites.

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King Bhagirath, born in the clan of King Sagar, performed severe penances to Lord Vishnu for the peace of the souls of his ancestors. Satisfied with the penance, when Lord Vishnu appeared to Bhagirath, he asked him to ask for a boon. Bhagirath prayed to bring Mother Ganga to earth for the peace of the souls of her ancestors. Mother Ganga was not ready to come to the land of death, but she thought of a trick and made a condition that she would descend to earth at high speed and sweep away everything that got in her way. Lord Vishnu also became concerned about Ganga’s condition and asked Bholenath to sort it out. Lord Vishnu then said that he would fuse Ganga with her locks so that there would be no destruction on earth. After this Lord Shankar absorbed Ganga into his hair and thus the river Ganga appeared on earth.

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