Indore Resident Celebrates 47th Birthday With Gender Change For Marriage

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Indore Resident Celebrates 47th Birthday With Gender Change For Marriage

Indore recently witnessed a landmark wedding that was a watershed moment for the region. 

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Who is the woman who changed her gender?

Indore Woman Changes Gender On 47th Birthday
Local 18

Alka, an Indore woman, legally married her long-term girlfriend, Aastha, after undergoing a gender transition and taking the name Astitva. 

This unique wedding is believed to be the first of its kind in Indore, and it comes in the wake of a recent Supreme Court verdict declaring transgender people in heterosexual partnerships have the right to marry under current statutory or personal laws. 

The court stipulated that family consent is required for such marriages.

When was the marriage held?

The marriage ceremony was held on December 7 in accordance with the terms of the Special Marriage Act. The union was approved by Astha and Alka’s families following Alka’s gender reassignment surgery, in which she transitioned from female to male on her 47th birthday. 

Alka then acquired the persona of Astitva. Astha, Alka’s sister’s friend, was apparently aware of the planned gender change and actively supported Alka throughout the transition. 

Why did the woman end up changing her gender?

Several months before the surgery, the couple discussed this momentous move in depth, completing an extensive study and consulting with medical professionals. Astitva, a property dealer by trade, made the final choice to undergo the gender transition procedure.

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How did they handle it legally?

In an interview with Local18, Astha stated that the choice to marry was taken after serious contemplation. The pair diligently fulfilled all legal formalities before marrying in court in front of both families. 

While this is the first occasion since the recent Supreme Court decision, it is not an unusual occurrence in India. 

Supreme Court

In Bharatpur, Rajasthan, a female teacher named Meera underwent gender transition and married her spouse Kalpana last year. The pair followed all traditional marriage rites, and Meera’s gender transition, which began several times, was finally completed in November 2022. 

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