iPhone 11 Pro vs Google Pixel 4: Which is faster in speed?

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In this article we will logically describe the speed test debate between iPhone 11 Pro and Google Pixel 4. Stay with us and find out which one is the best?

The specifications of different mobile devices are difficult to compare. Especially between different systems like iOS and Android. On the one hand we have the famous benchmark, in which Apple’s iPhone usually stands out above the rest, and on the other we have the so-called speed test.

These tests consist of timing the time it takes to open a smartphone and waiting for a certain number of applications to load twice. In this way, the speed of the processor is measured when opening the apps and the efficiency of the operating system, keeping the different processes in memory.

Probably the most accurate and professional test of all is the one carried out by Phone Buff, since it has a robotic arm that opens and closes apps autonomously, thus removing the human factor from the equation. Now they have compared the iPhone 11 Pro with Google Pixel 4, and the result is very surprising in favor of the Apple device.

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The iPhone 11 Pro proves to be much faster than the Pixel 4

It may interest you iPhone 11 Pro vs Google Pixel 4, the exponents of iOS and Android face to face.

As you will have been able to verify, the test opens a total of 16 applications, among which we have social networks such as Facebook, productivity apps such as Word or Excel, retouching applications, which also process both a photo and a video, various games and other applications such as Amazon.

In the first lap, the difference in speed is already noticeable, the iPhone 11 Pro finishes in just 1 minute and 50 seconds, while the Pixel 4 manages to finish in 2 minutes and 18 seconds, shortly before the iPhone ends its second lap.

In the end the times remain in the rogue way:

iPhone 11 Pro: 2 minutes 39 seconds and 50 tenths.

Google Pixel 4: 3 minutes 16 seconds and 54 tenths.

As we see, the iPhone 11 Pro proves to be much faster than the Google Pixel 4 in both the first and second rounds. After the first opening of all apps, the difference was 28 seconds in favor of the iPhone, but after the second round the differences widened to 37 seconds. This type of test shows us how optimized the software and hardware are, and there it is difficult to beat iPhone and iOS.

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