IRS Agents Raid Great Falls Gun Store Sparks Outrage Online

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IRS Agents Raid Great Falls Gun Store Sparks Outrage Online

An IRS investigation into a firearms dealer in Great Falls, Montana has caused a stir online. The IRS and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raided the Great Falls, Montana-based gun store Highwood Creek Outfitters on June 14 and allegedly spent hours going through the documents. While the ATF declined to comment on specific inquiries, it acknowledged that the Van Hoose gun store was the subject of an investigation. “IRS Criminal Investigation was conducting official business at the location.”

Why did IRS agents raid the gun store in Great Falls?

Hoose claimed in an interview with news source The Truth About Guns that agents had been called in from as far away as Idaho and Denver just to get a warrant for his bank details. Van Hoose explained that the IRS says he did not report his income and did not tell them about his millions of dollars in earnings to get the court order. He refuted the accusations, saying that everyone who runs a retail gun business knows there isn’t a lot of money left over at the end of the day.

I met with Tom Vanhoose this morning after 20 armed IRS agents raided his store in Great Falls earlier this week. Tom informed me that these agents seized all the 4473 forms, none of which contain financial information; instead, the IRS now has access to these forms…

—Matt Rosendale (@RepRosendale) June 16, 2023

JUST IN: 20 Armed IRS Agents Raid Great Falls Gun Store – TAKEN NO FINANCIAL RECORDS, Accounting or Tax Statements, Just Every Form 4473 BUYER INFORMATION.

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—Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) June 17, 2023

Van Hoose told The Truth About Guns that his store was closed on June 14 so agents could copy data from his computer. In addition, he said IRS and ATL officials had obtained 13-year-old background check documents 4473 needed to complete a NICS check, as well as a journal of his gun purchases and sales. US Representative Matt Rosendale was outraged by the incident and wrote a letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel and ATF Director Steven Dettelbach calling it “outrageous.” The letter continued: “A pattern of intimidation and harassment against American workers has emerged under the ATF leadership of Director Dettelbach; Montanans will not tolerate these political witch hunts,” the statement said. He will ensure that funding from these agencies is not used as a weapon against the American people, and he will remind Director Dettelbach and Commissioner Werfel that Congress has the right to appropriate the money. Demand that the ATF and IRS stop conducting these Soviet-style scare operations.

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Twitterati was outraged when word got out that the FBI had raided Van Hoose’s gun store. Several lawmakers criticized the Joe Biden administration and federal agencies for providing funding to branches for rushed investigations. Others joined the chorus of lawmakers who had already condemned government authorities. The day after the investigation, according to Truth about Guns, Van Hoose’s store was open to the public. So this was all about this case. So, stay tuned for pkb news.

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