Is Darth Vader under arrest? Lookalike Banned From England And Australia Ashes Test Series By Security

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Darth Vader Arrested

Darth Vader’s fan is said to have been thrown out of the ground for safety. What is the reason behind this? The fans are completely shocked. You will get complete details about the Darth Vader fan incident in this article. Continue reading for more information.

Is Darth Vader under arrest?

According to sources, the Darth Vader fan is said to have been thrown out by security during the first test of England’s Ashes series against Australia. He was dressed as Darth Vader. The most likely reason for his security rejection is said to be that he dresses as Darth. The match witnessed an even game from both sides. Joe Root of the England team and Usman Khawaja of the Australia team scored a century. After a delay in the rain, there was a drop in temperature there, so one of his fans dressed as Darth Vader. Security was busy at the time. However, the Sunday morning and afternoon staff don’t want him there as Darth Vader. Jonathan Agnew joked that he will be arrested. @mglover1981 mentioned on Twitter that Darth Vader didn’t set a good example as a father this Father’s Day.


Users gave their opinion on the incident. Different people had different reactions which they shared on Twitter. One user mentioned that only England can see Darth Vedar being sent off the cricket ground. Another user mentioned that there can be nothing but darth Vedar getting kicked out of the stadium by security. One more user mentions that he never thought he would see Darth Vader being thrown out by security. As we all know, Darth Vader is a character in the Star Wars franchise, and there were references to it as well. However, he did not miss the entire match as play was rained out after lunch. Let’s conclude the above.

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Darth Vader is a popular character from the Star Wars franchise. The double of him was sent off from the play between England and Australia Ashes Test. The fan was dressed as Darth Vader. Security kicked him off the job. The fans were shocked after this. They are expressing different opinions about the incident on Twitter. many have mentioned that they did not expect the same thing to happen. We keep bringing those details on our website about your favorite celebrities. Stay tuned for more information on our website about your favorite celebrities.

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