Is Gavi alive or dead? The news of the death goes viral after the serious injury against Athletic Bilbao

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Gavi Dead

Gavi’s fans have been concerned ever since they heard the news of his serious injury. And not only this, the news of his death began to trend on the web and attracted a lot of attention. Rumors of his death are currently going around the internet and fans of him are quite worried after hearing this news and want to know if it is true or another death hoax. However, the news of his injury is true and he actually got hurt while he was representing his team during the match he was playing against his opposing team. There are many people who didn’t watch the game and are eager to know the injury update of him, while most of the fans of him are depressed and want to know the reality of this latest trend.

Is Gavi alive or dead?

Gavi’s death rumor reportedly went viral on the web after he received a serious injury against opponent team Athletic Bilabo. The athlete’s full name is Pablo Martz Paez Gavira. He basically he is a professional gamer born in Spain who currently plays for the La Liga team Barcelona. He is in the central midfielder position. He is considered the brilliant player of the Spanish national team and is famous for his fierce tenacity and ball handling. At the time of the 2022 Ballon d’Or event, the International Federation of Association Football presented Giva with the Golden Boy award and the Kopa Trophy. He spent 2 years from 2010 to 2012 at La Liara Balompie, which is basically a club where he started his football career.

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gavi dead

In 2015 he became part of Barcelona and at that time he was only 11 years old. He signed his first professional soccer contract in the month of September 2020. Right now, he is in the news due to rumors of his death. The rumors have started after he suffered serious injuries during a match he was playing against Athletic Bilbao. At the time of the game, the athlete saw his courage. In the first half, Gavi made a spectacular sliding header tackle.

gavi dead

Raphinha’s goal just before halftime helped Barcelona win over their La Liga opponents on Sunday March 12, 2023 by getting 1 against the opposing team. He put his body on the line to ensure his team maintained a nine-point lead over Real Madrid at the top of the event. He headed back to intercept the ball as Athletic tried to move. During this process, Giva collided with the opponent’s boot. Athletic tried to set up the play but Gavi intervened to intercept the ball. He missed the opponent’s boot in the process.

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