Is Jackie Appiah married? Does Jackie Appiah have a boyfriend and kids?

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Is Jackie Appiah married?  Does Jackie Appiah have a boyfriend and kids?

Here we are going to give the details of Jackie Appiah as the public is surfing the internet to know more about it. All of them are surfing the internet to know more about her and her life. The public is surfing the internet to know about her married life and most of all they like to know whether she has children or not. So for our readers, we have brought information about her and her married life. Not only that, we are also going to talk about her husband and her children in this article. So, she continues reading the article to find out more.

Is Jackie Appiah married?

Undoubtedly one of Ghana’s best-known public figures, Jackie Appiah Agyemang also serves as a guide for many young people who want to pursue acting as a vocation. Jackie’s melanin beauty and penchant for her couture have earned her the nickname “screen goddess” more often in Ghana. Talking about her style, she doesn’t show any skin, but one would adore every outfit she chooses and the elegance with which she wears it to events. Jackie Appiah has a vast filmography and numerous roles to her name. Jackie’s career has included acting in film and television, as well as serving as a spokesperson and brand ambassador for a variety of companies both inside and outside of Ghana.

Jackie Apia

In Ghana and beyond, she is known as the Master and Queen of the film business. In the past, Jackie Appiah’s romantic life has caused controversy. Some have even made connections between her and rich guys in Ghana and elsewhere. You should be aware that Jackie maintains her privacy in her personal life. She only divulges information that she wants the public to see. This is not to imply that Jackie Appiah has never been married. When she was just 22 years old, the “Things We Do for Love” actress married a businessman named Peter Agyemang.

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Jackie Apia

According to Yen Ghana, Jackie and Peter got married in 2005; However, after a few years, the union did not last and they had to divorce for various reasons. Although Jackie Appiah and Peter Agymenag’s marriage did not last as long as they had hoped, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Damien Peter Agyemang in 2005. By the way, Damien is Jackie’s only son. Several times, Damien has made headlines. He hosted an after party for her friends after she graduated from high school, and later appeared in romantic photos and movies with her alleged lover. Most recently, he planned a lavish ceremony called the “Nirvana Experience” for Christmas (in 2022).

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