Is Odumeje alive or dead? after the statement ‘I will die soon’

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No one wants to hear the news of anyone’s death. Because this news only brings sadness and tears but everyone has to die one day and we cannot predict the date, time and cause of someone’s death. Only God knows whose life ends on this earth and when. But there are some people who consider themselves to be God or a person close to him and start making unsubstantiated claims. Most of the time, people reject their claims, but they generate a lot of controversies and debates on the web and people show interest in them. Also at this time there is talk of the unsubstantiated claim of a pastor who announced his death.

Is Odumeje alive or dead?

The shepherd identified as Chukwuemeka Ohanere known as Odumeje. He is the controversial Anambra shepherd who always likes to be in the news because of his statements and this time he also caught people’s attention by stating that he will die soon and that he has finished his work on earth. Now you must be thinking that the new thing in this claim everyone knows that they will die one day, but why is the statement of him getting attention? Good to know that you need to continue reading this blog, we will try to give the answers to your questions.


This pastor stood out with his bizarre pattern of spiritual release, in which he carries miraculous looking church members in a similar way to WWW wrestlers and then slams them to the ground. Prior to that, he was in the news in 2022 after he confronted service members or Anambra State Government officials. The officials come to destroy his church. Reports indicate that officials assaulted him at the time of the encounter. Since then, he has been constantly in the news and he himself has not left any chance for media attention. According to reports, at the time of the Sunday service, Odumeje was informing his church members that it was his time to go.

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Someone has recorded his words in a video posted on the web and it is circulating on various social media platforms. Furthermore, she heard him say: “I asked my little son, King David, to come and I informed him that I am leaving this world very soon. I am giving you the responsibility to take care of your mother and your siblings as well. I came into this world for a reason and that reason has now been completed and it is my time to go. I have completed my ministry on this earth, and I will be leaving soon.” He is currently 40 years old and true fans are saddened by his statement.

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