Israeli soccer star Boris Klaiman arrested for indecent acts against minors

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Boris Klaiman Arrested

These days, sports are more and more in the news, sometimes because of some upcoming event or sometimes because a new player joins the team. Just like the actors/actresses, the sports personalities are also quite popular and established a huge fan base who are always desperate to see their favorite sports star on the field. However, this time, the fans of a sports star are also very disappointed and angry after his name starts trending on social media due to his wrongdoing. If you are actively using social media platforms, then you surely know who we are talking about.

Boris Klaiman arrested

Yes, that’s right, we are talking about an Israeli soccer star who is currently under arrest for indecent acts against minors. This kind of news is really unpleasant to hear and it’s hard to accept that a famous star could do such things with a minor. Unfortunately, many big and famous stars commit such crimes that ruined their reputation and ended their career. The Israeli soccer star is not only arrested for indecent acts with minors, but also for drug possession. Now this news is enough to create quite a stir on social media.

Boris Klaiman arrested

Many of her fans are completely shocked by this news and find it hard to believe. According to Greek media citing local police, the 30-year-old Israeli footballer was arrested on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at an Athens nightclub for allegedly committing indecent acts with a child. According to local sources, the suspect was arrested in the Kolonaki neighborhood of the Greek capital after a Belgian woman who was at the local nightclub with Boris filed a complaint against her. According to authorities, the suspect was also arrested for carrying prohibited and illegal narcotics.

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Boris Klaiman arrested

In addition to the Israeli athlete, 5 other people who identify themselves as 4 Belgians and a Greek suspect were also arrested. According to Israeli accounts, the Greek suspect, who is a footballer by profession, was involved in a violent fight with 4 Belgian visitors in Greece after Israel’s alleged crimes. After knowing this news, many of his fans and other people want to know about his career. Boris Klaiman is a Ukraine-born Israeli international goalkeeper who had his contract with Volos Football Club terminated on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. This difficult decision was made by Achillea Beu, the club’s president.

The Klaiman contract was terminated without taking or hearing any explanation. It is an apparent reason behind the termination of his contract after being accused of allegedly raping a minor in an Athens nightclub. According to media reports, the prosecutor’s office also accused the athlete of having 1.5 grams of heroin on him. The source mentioned that the victim is a student of a Belgian national high school senior.

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