Jean Perera Sinnappa’s Murderer Passed Away: Who Was Man Behind Jean Sinnappa’s Murder?

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Jean Perera Sinnappa

The former lecturer S. Karthigesu died. Yes, this news is true. We know you might be confused about who is he. He is the person who was at the center of public and media over the murder of Jean Perera Sinnappa, the beauty queen in the late 1970s. The passing news of the lecturer is currently going viral on viral. First, this news was officially shared on Twitter (X) and a lot of people, started re-sharing this news on their official Twitter (X) handle. Netizens are really shocked after reading this passing news. Because of this death news, not many people are interested to know about him and people are interested to know about the 1970s murder case. So all the information is in the next paragraph of this article.

Jean Perera Sinnappa

S. Karthigesu, the former lecturer died at the age of 81. he left e behind his wife, son, and two daughters. He took his last breath at his residence which is located in Teluk Pulai. His health condition wor really bad for the past few days. He was admitted to a private hospital for many days and when he was discharged from the hospital after some days he left this world. To know about the controversy about him read the next paragraph.

Jean Perera Sinnappa

On 6th April 1979, Karthigesu was arrested in the case of murdering Jean. He killed her at Batu 11 along the Federal Highway. He killed her between 11:20 p.m. and 11:50 p.m. The trial of this case occurred first in the Kuala Lumpur High Court then it went to Jalan Raja which is opposite Dataran Merdeka. At the time of the murder, Jean was wearing a yellow blouse and she was full of blood. She was stabbed many times and he dead body was seen lying on the front of the passenger seat of the car. Police officers didn’t find any weapon as evidence. Keep reading the story of this case till the end.

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During the time of the arrest, Kartigesu was found guilty. He was sentenced by hanging but unexpectedly after four days an eye witness appeared in the court and said that the suspect was lying Because of that court immediately responded back and accepted the confession. They released Karthigesu on 20th May 1981. Till now this case is one of the biggest mystery cases and maybe it is going to be a mystery forever now. Stay tuned to PKB news.

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