JOJO Siwa Baby Clothes: Snapchat Pregnancy Bait Stories Spark Backlash

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JOJO Siwa Baby Clothes: Snapchat Pregnancy Bait Stories Spark Backlash

Being a mother is like a dream for every woman. Although the journey is not easy, it is quite exciting. People often share this good news in different ways among their loved ones while popular faces share this happy news with their fans with the help of social media. Some share the news directly and others share it indirectly and it causes quite a stir on social media. One such social media influencer is creating quite a stir online after sharing a few photos of herself on Snapchat. The photos of her confuse her fans about her pregnancy and they think that she is pregnant.

Why does Jojo Siwa buy baby clothes?

She shares a photo of herself looking at her swollen tummy next to the diaper bag. By now you might understand who we are talking about, yes you are right we are talking about JoJo Siwa who is currently creating a lot of buzz on social media and some people are teasing her. Many users of social networks do not know if she is pregnant or not. Some of them are also attacking her for clicking bait on her admirers and followers. In the viral photo of her, she is seen posing for the camera in front of the diaper aisle.

jojo siwa

While giving her fans a glimpse of her swollen tummy, she also captioned the photo, “I can’t wait.” Not the caption, but the emojis she used garnered a lot of attention, such as an emotional eyes emoji, a blue heart emoji, and a baby emoji. Not only this, but she also posted another photo in which she is seen clicking a photo next to the collection of baby clothes as she looks down at her stomach once more. The 19-year-old social media influencer wrote in her caption that “BABY CLOTHES!!!”

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JOJO Siwa baby clothes

Now, these two photos have confused netizens, whether she is really pregnant or it is some kind of joke. After this, the most searched question is “Is Jojo Siwa pregnant?” All those people who think that she is pregnant are surely sad to know that she is not pregnant. Many social media users claimed that Youtuber was gathering baby essentials to donate to mothers in need. A Twitter user using the username @xoxoxomore revealed that “Say what you want about JoJo Siwa but buying new baby clothes from her to send to families of newborn babies and expecting moms is so pure.” .

JOJO Siwa baby clothes

Despite Jojo Siwa’s good intentions of collecting new baby clothes, social media users were angered by Siwa’s posts as click bait. Several people are thinking that these photos are not good and insensitive that the 19-year-old made fun of being pregnant.

Say what you want about Jojo Siwa, but her shopping for new baby clothes to send out to families of expecting moms and newborn babies is so sheer.

— moe 🕊 (@xoxoxomoe) March 26, 2023

Click on the bait that you are pregnant to give away baby clothes. I feel like the 30 people you help won’t match the fact that you manipulate people for clicks and revenue. How about a little honesty, tell people you’re trying to help? Jojo Siwa, you are a strange human.

—William (@cardwelllll) March 27, 2023

jojo siwa joking that she is pregnant because she ate a lot of food and her stomach expanded is not right and they will cancel it. Her fan base is little girls who don’t understand how babies are made and know that she is openly gay, so she forces parents to explain…

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— ✨ (@embecxx) March 17, 2023

why does jojo siwa pretend to be pregnant??? like there’s so many other things you can do for a little clout baby

-zee 🪩🕺🏻 (@stohrmie) March 26, 2023

It seems disrespectful to anyone else that Jojo Siwa pretends to be pregnant and literally buys baby clothes and does full-blown shopping. Just weird, lmao.

— Sid (@Sidnyluvsmoney) March 27, 2023

Jojo siwa is weird, she pretends to be pregnant and buys baby clothes while always exposing her non-pregnant belly… I’m about to separate her from my YT daughters.

— Madam (@_alexxbby_) March 26, 2023

I really liked jojo siwa but her clickbait baby content is making me nervous 😭😭😭

—Eepy (@atsucatsu) March 26, 2023

Is Jojo Siwa really pregnant or is she lying and acting like she is because I heard she’s a “food baby” but is it kind of silly to make people think she’s really pregnant or lying?

—s (@YsunnyshayY28) March 19, 2023

Jojo siwa needs to stop trolling that she’s pregnant. It’s not funny anymore 🤷‍♀️ if you’re pregnant get an ultrasound and post that it’s not baby food

—Sarah Beauchamp (@_sarahbeau_) March 27, 2023

I had to search Twitter to see WTF is going on with @snapchat I constantly put Jojo Siwa stories on my timeline to find out she is faking pregnant and going baby shopping 😖😖 Crimge & Weird!

— Naomi (@noemi_49) March 26, 2023

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