Kolkata lesbian duo unite in intimate wedding ceremony

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Kolkata lesbian duo unite in intimate wedding ceremony

A Kolkata lesbian couple got married in a traditional ceremony on Monday, painting the city in rainbow colors and serving as a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ community. here is his story.

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Kolkata lesbian couple tie knot in intimate ceremony

lesbian wedding in Kolkata India today

The couple exchanged wedding vows after completing all the usual Bengali ceremonies such as haldi, sangeet, mehendi and pheras.

Mousumi Datta and Moumita Majumder were the third couple, after Chaitanya Sharma and Abhishek Ray, to take a step towards an inclusive society, adding another feather to the LGBT rights success story.

Their wedding will serve as a model for other LGBTQ couples who want to marry the love of their lives. Suchandra Das and Shree Mukherjee became the first in the city to get married in 2018.

“Love is love,” they say. When it comes to falling in love, gender rarely plays a role. It all comes down to finding the perfect person and making a heart connection. “Love conquers all,” said Mousumi, a Baguiati resident in Kolkata, who simply hopes her partner’s family will accept and support them for who they are.

two girls get married in kolkata India today

Even though homosexuality was decriminalized in 2018, same-sex marriage is still “illegal” in India. Kolkata has long been a forerunner in making progressive efforts to build a more progressive society, and Moumita and Mousumi are two more examples.

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Datta and Majumder first planned to keep their wedding under wraps by marrying discreetly at the stroke of midnight. They chose to announce their union on social media as a show of solidarity with the LGBTQ community.

The happy couple finished their pheras at the Bhutnath Temple in the Aritola neighborhood of Shovabazar in Kolkata. Moumita put vermilion on Moumita’s forehead, which in Hindu culture indicates the conclusion of a social marriage.

The couple currently lives together in Kolkata.

Calcutta couple India today

When they began their life together, the couple sought the blessings and approval of society. When asked how they plan to deal with social taboos, she said: “Where there is love, there can be no discrimination.” It is no longer about society. “One has to consider how they will be happy and who they want to spend their lives with,” Mousumi said.

The couple currently lives in a rented flat in North Kolkata, the location of which they wish to remain anonymous due to societal skepticism. They are bracing for opposition as they await a positive ruling from the Supreme Court, which is now hearing petitions on legalizing same-sex marriage in India despite opposition from the central government.

“We hope that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of us and others who want to live a happy life.”

There should be no discrimination. “If heterosexual couples can stay in a cohabiting relationship, why should we deny ourselves the simple pleasures of life, like living with someone we love?” Mousumi told India Today.

Moumita and Mousumi met on social media and fell in love while chatting and later went on dates. They are currently planning a little excursion out of town to spend some alone time.

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They also hope that their first anniversary will be a big occasion and that the Supreme Court will have made changes for the LGBTQ community by then.

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