Kolkata street vendor selling ‘alcohol kebab’ goes viral, internet draws mixed reactions

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Kolkata street vendor selling 'alcohol kebab' goes viral, internet draws mixed reactions

The weird street food in India has taken uniqueness to a new level. From serving up green chili ice cream to ras malai sabzi, the country’s street vendors have taken it upon themselves to create viral concoctions. The latest in the bag are “alcohol kebabs”!

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Kolkata street vendor sells ‘Alcohol Kebab’ in viral video

Kolkata street vendor sells alcohol kebabTwitter

A street food vendor in Kolkata pleases drinkers on the internet with his special booze kebab recipe. In the video that went viral, the vendor used Old Monk rum to enhance his kebabs.

From what we can see in the video, the vendor not only added the rum to the batter to marinate the butter chicken, but also to the kebabs as they burned over the flame. To give it more flavor, the vendor also added rum to the kebabs after they were ready to serve.

It’s hard to imagine what the kebabs would taste like. From the looks of the video, most people on the internet assumed that the kebabs would have a large amount of alcohol flavor. However, the vendor seasoned the kebab like any other chicken dish, which makes it hard to imagine what these strange kebabs would taste like.

or kalkatta pic.twitter.com/fYBRySnCQl

—Aakar Patel (@Aakar__Patel) June 29, 2023

The internet gave mixed reactions to the recipe

Whatever the taste, drinkers on the internet were more than happy someone was taking care of the booze drinking community and had created the perfect combination of snacks and alcohol.

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Many made plans on the spot to visit the vendor and try the special kebabs for a bit.

Brother, when are you going to buy me this? @introvertedguy111

— Dr Thanos, PhD (@ThanosPhD) June 29, 2023

While many were simply disgusted with the idea of ​​adding alcohol to food.

Just as I won’t be drinking mustard oil, I won’t be using Old Monk to marinate the lamb either. Lamb waste and Old Monk.

— Shamim (@Shamim23559131) June 29, 2023

Some found the recipe “delicious.”

Wow that looked delicious

— Suresh reddy (@suresh21896580) June 29, 2023

One user was stunned after seeing the Kolkata street food game.

What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow…😀😀😀

—Sudip Ganguly (@guttuganguly) June 29, 2023

While one joked that the food was far from what is sold on the street in Gujarat which is a dry state.

This is about as far from the Gujarati street food video trend as you can get.

– Pablo Chaterji (@pablochaterji) June 29, 2023

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