Lamidi Apapa arrested, disgraced in court by Labor Party supporters

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Lamidi Apapa Arrested

In recent news, it has been reported that members of the Labor Party celebrate an attack on the faction’s chairman, Lamidi Apapa, after the clash at the Presidential Election Tribunal. Read the article to learn more and follow us to get all the ideas. Continue reading for more details. The national chairman of the crisis-stricken faction of the Labor Party (LP), Basiru Lamidi Apapa, has said that the lack of respect for the rule of law by the party’s presidential candidate in the February election, Mr. Peter Obi, was responsible for the leadership crisis that rocked The Party. He claimed that the leadership crisis would not have erupted if Obi had withdrawn recognition of the party’s suspended national chairman, Mr. Julius Abure, as per the order of the Federal Capital Territory High Court.

Lamidi Apapa arrested

However, Apapa asked Obi to look at the dispute objectively in order to resolve the lingering crisis. During the press conference, Apapa demanded that Obi be impartial in settling the disputed presidential fight after his attack at the Presidential Election Appeal Court in Abuja on Wednesday. At the press conference attended by the national vice president of the party in the north, Mike Ayuba Auta, the national publicity secretary, Olufemi Abayomi Arabambi, and one of the women leaders, Mrs. Rukayat Salihu Umar, Apapa told what happened in the presidential tribunal in which you failed broke out in the presence of Peter Obi, it was embarrassing and a test of Obi’s leadership quality.

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In addition, Apapa said the leadership crisis would have been left behind if Obi had respected the Federal Capital Territory High Court’s order ordering Julius Abure and three others to parade as national party officials on their forgery charge. Tracing the genesis of the leadership crisis, Apapa said that immediately after the court order was delivered to the party, he was unanimously selected as the party’s national chairman.

Apapa claimed that it was wrong for Obi to respect Abure despite the court order and as a presidential candidate seeking justice in the same court of law. On accusations of receiving 500 million naira from outside forces to destabilize the party, Apapa vehemently denied such claims, saying that he did not receive any money or was influenced by someone or a group to work against the party. He also said that Peter Obi was wrong in stating that he did not know him, claiming that they worked closely together and even traveled on the same flights with Peter Obi during his presidential election campaign.

Lamidi Apapa arrested

He called on Obi to be open-minded, neutral and objective in ending the crisis. Furthermore, speaking at the briefing, the National Vice President of the Party in the North, Mike Ayuba Auta, denied the accusation that the All Progressives Congress (APC) was behind the crisis, adding that the accusation was baseless and baseless. . Auta apologized to Nigerians, who gave the Labor Party more than 6 million votes during the last presidential election, adding that they should not be discouraged by the current leadership crisis, assuring that the dispute will soon be resolved.

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