Legal Battle Over Biryani Without Chicken Results In Compensation For Customer

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Legal Battle Over Biryani Without Chicken Results In Compensation For Customer

After a surprise dining encounter, a man from Bengaluru dragged a local restaurant to consumer court. 

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Who sued the restaurant?

Restaurant Sued For

According to The Times of India, the man, known as Krishnappa, sued the restaurant for serving “chicken biryani without any chicken.” 

In response, the city court ordered the restaurant to pay the consumer for Rs 1,000 in mental suffering and to reimburse Rs 150 for the food.

When did it happen?

The event occurred in April of this year, when Krishnappa visited the eatery with his wife due to a lack of cooking gas at home. They took the bundled food item home after ordering chicken biryani. When they opened it, they discovered that the biryani rice contained no meat.


Krishnappa immediately called the restaurant to resolve the matter. 

Why did the man decide to do so?

According to Krishnappa, despite the restaurant owner promising a replacement order within a few minutes, it did not materialise even after a two-hour wait, and calls to the restaurant went unanswered. 

He took matters into his own hands, serving a notice at the eatery and sending legal documents, frustrated by the lack of resolution. He did not obtain a response from the owner.

In May, Krishnappa decided to take the dispute to the Bengaluru Urban District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. In his complaint, he wanted Rs. 30,000 in compensation for the surprise eating experience. 

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How did he win the case?

Without a lawyer, the Bengaluru man exhibited images of the meatless biryani, underscoring the mental anguish he and his wife felt as a result of their inability to cook that day. 


Recognising his point, the judges ruled in favour of Krishnappa, finding that the restaurant, whether consciously or innocently, had made a mistake by failing to provide the customer with the requested services. 

As a result, the court ordered the eatery to reimburse the customer’s money. 

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