Little Boy Bows After Crossing The Road, The Internet Admits This Can Only Happen In Japan

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Little Boy Bows After Crossing The Road, The Internet Admits This Can Only Happen In Japan

Japan is known for its immaculate etiquette throughout the world. People in the countryside are generally extremely polite and considerate. From using polite language to taking civil actions throughout the day, the Japanese are considered to be some of the most well-mannered people in the world.

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A Japanese boy bows after crossing the road in a viral video

Japanese boy politely crosses the streetinstagram

Showing this very polite behavior there is a video that is going viral on the internet. People online were very surprised to see how even children in Japan follow the manners of the general society in the country.

In the clip that is taking the internet by storm, a child is seen crossing a street. Well, while in India crossing a road is much more of a gamble for life, things are a little different in Japan. The boy demonstrates in the video how people cross the streets in Japan.

First, the child stands in the place designated for the crossing. Seeing the boy take the position, a small truck stops before the intersection. The child then raises his hand as if to indicate to the driver that he is crossing the street.

Once the boy reaches the end of the intersection, he bows to say ‘thank you’ to the driver who stopped for him. This courteous gesture was a breath of fresh air for people on the internet who are not used to seeing such decorum on the streets of their own country.

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People online praised the boy and compared the situation to their countries

People in the comments section of the Instagram video compared the courteous behavior of the boy to the recklessness of people in his country. One user from India pointed out how the car passing the junction would not stop for the child in the first place: “In India they say I just hit something.”

Instagram comments on viral videoinstagram

Another Desi citizen was concerned about children crossing the roads in India: “India… At some point I worried about school children… driving a vehicle recklessly and driving recklessly near the school gates all time”. As one joked, “Indians have natural power to stop vehicles.”

Instagram comments on Japanese viral videoinstagram

An Indian commenter approached the kids and said, “I hope kids in India learn these gestures too because kids right now are just disrespecting their elders and thinking they’re cool and sigma.”

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