Live frog found in Japanese man’s udon takeout, company issues apology

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Live frog found in Japanese man's udon takeout, company issues apology

We all like to eat seafood. There have been cases where customers have ordered food from restaurants and received unexpected results.

A similar incident occurred recently in Japan when a customer decided to try a noodle restaurant’s latest offering and received more than he bargained for.

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Man finds a live frog in his takeout udon

#シェイクうどん自分が出張振った後に食べて最後の方See moreや同じ商品を販売中食べる前には気をつけて

— 魁斗 (@kaito09061) May 22, 2023

On May 22, a Twitter user, Kaito, posted a video of the little amphibian squirming in the remaining soup from his nearly finished cup of Marugame Seimen’s Spicy Dandan Salad Udon.

He claimed he got the udon while on a business trip and warned his followers to “be careful” after finding out that the udon shop “reopened the same night after being closed for three hours” and “still selling the same products.”

The next day, the noodle company apologized on its website for “causing big trouble and concern,” saying the frog most likely fell into the glass at its vegetable processing factory.

apology from udon CNA lifestyle

The company then stated that it will temporarily suspend sales of food containing raw vegetables after “conducting and strengthening on-site inspections at all factories handling raw vegetables.”

The Spicy Dandan Salad Udon is part of Marugame Seimen’s new Shake Udon range, which has been a huge success in Japan. Customers must shake the dish, which is served in a cup, to mix the contents inside. According to The Asahi Shimbun, “About 210,000 servings of Shake Udon were sold in the first three days of its release.”

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What is Udon?

Udon is a type of thick wheat noodle commonly used in Japanese cuisine. It is one of the most popular types of noodles in Japan and is often served in a variety of hot and cold dishes.

Udon noodles are usually made from wheat flour, water, and salt. The dough is kneaded, rolled out and cut into thick strips, which are then boiled until soft and chewy.

The noodles have a pale white color and a slightly chewy texture. Udon noodles can be served in a number of ways. One of the most common preparations is in hot broth, known as “kake udon”.

The broth is usually made from soy sauce, mirin (a sweet rice wine), and dashi (a type of fish broth). The noodles are cooked separately and then added to the hot broth along with toppings such as sliced ​​green onions, tempura, or kamaboko (fish cake).

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