Meet Tucker Budzyn, the Golden Retriever who earns over Rs 8 crore in a year

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Meet Tucker Budzyn, the Golden Retriever who earns over Rs 8 crore in a year

Every dog ​​has his day. Well this dog definitely did. Tuker Budzyn, a 5-year-old golden retriever, is a million dollar pooch as he earns more than Rs 8 crore a year from his popular social media presence. Tuker is not an underdog in the world of social media influencer; he makes the dough out of it being number 1 on the internet.

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Tucker Budzyn: The Golden Retriever earns Rs 8 crores a year

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Since Tucker was 2 years old, he has made 7-figure profits from sponsored ads on social media. Courtney Budzyn, Turkers’ human mother and social media manager, explained, “A paid post on YouTube can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 for a 30-minute pre-roll.”

She told the New York Post: “Instagram, we make about $20,000 for anywhere from three to eight stories.” The 31-year-old dog owner used to clean houses for a living and her husband, Mike, was a civil engineer. The couple quit their jobs to manage Tucker’s wealth and his social media fame, along with their puppy son Todd’s account.

Courtney started an Instagram account for Tucker when she got him at 8 weeks old in June 2018. In just a month, one of Tucker’s videos went viral. The Michigan native explained that the video was simply about Tucker playing with an ice cube, but it struck a chord with viewers online.

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Tucker’s online success was a complete shock to his humans

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The pet’s mom shared how the reaction to her video was truly unexpected: “I was surprised that so many people were as interested in my dog ​​as I was. When he was 6 months old, he had 60,000 followers…he was crazy”.

The “golden” retriever now has more than 25 million followers on social media platforms and shows no signs of losing popularity among his loyal fans. Tucker’s fame knows no bounds, in the past he has been featured in various media outlets for adorable videos of him.

One of which is a hilarious video of him seeing a hair clip for the first time. The dog’s reaction went viral on social media and the video was covered by major media outlets around the world.

Tucker has also had major branding deals and partnerships with brands like the Barkbox, which is a monthly subscription box for canines. He has also partnered with King Kanine CBD for Dogs, with whom they are making their own products. Given the dog’s popularity and earnings, it’s safe to say that Tucker is surely the golden retriever.

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