Meta plans to shake up the mobile app market with a new app store in the EU

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Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is thinking of giving its users in the European Union a different way to get apps for their phones.

As part of its plans, Facebook will allow users to download apps directly from ads on the site, rather than submitting them to Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

The story comes from The Verge. He says that later this year, Meta will begin testing its new app download option with a small group of Android app developers before possibly expanding the size and scope of its operations in the future. The company appears to be optimistic about an alternative way to download apps due to the new EU Digital Markets Law (DMA), which should come into force next year.

The new EU law aims to end the virtual duopoly held by “gatekeepers” like Apple and Google in the mobile app distribution market. It requires them to open up their own ecosystems so that users can download apps from third-party sources. Almost all Android devices already let you download apps from external sources, but Apple has always laughed at any idea of ​​opening up its “walled garden,” saying doing so could pose a privacy risk and make iPhones and iPads vulnerable. to malware.

Meta joins the trend of alternative app stores with Android, which already allows you to add apps from third-party stores. According to the report, the company is getting developers to join its pilot by not taking a cut of in-app sales and letting them use whatever billing system they want. Apple and Google force mobile app makers to use their own billing systems and get 30 percent of all their in-app sales.

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Alex Heath of The Verge asked Meta spokesman Tom Channick about the plan and he said it would be done via Facebook. He said: “We’ve always been interested in helping developers get their apps published, and new options would make this space more competitive.” Developers need more ways to easily get their apps to the people who want them. Although the company did not say for sure, it is likely that once the DMA goes into effect, it will launch different app stores for Android and iOS.

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