Meta Starts Selling Blue Tick Verification of Instagram and Facebook

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Meta has announced that its membership service, dubbed “Meta Verified,” will soon be available. This service will be comparable to Twitter Blue.

One of the best things about signing up for the Meta Verified service is that it allows people to get verified on both Instagram and Facebook. Users will receive a checkmark in the form of a blue tick next to their names if the profile has been validated.

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This check mark has become a status symbol over the years. Subscribers to the service will have access to an additional security feature that will help real creators fight against fake accounts. Meta Confirmed is now in beta testing in Australia and New Zealand at a cost of $11.99 (around Rs 990) per month on the web and $14.99 (roughly Rs 1240) per month for iPhones.

The price of Meta Verified could change in India to make it more attractive to a wider range of people. If the corporation doesn’t lower the price, the subscription will still cost Rs 1,200, making it more expensive than Twitter Blue (Rs 900) and even Netflix’s premium plan (Rs 649).

Meta says in a blog post that people must show a government-issued ID to verify their Facebook and Instagram accounts. A verified badge, increased protection against phishing, improved customer support, and greater visibility and reach. Some benefits of using Meta Verified (stickers in stories) are exclusive features. Despite this, Meta Verified membership does not restrict the amount of advertising displayed.

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Meta says that they want to develop a valuable subscription service for all parties involved, including their community, businesses, and creators. It has been made clear on Meta that users who were verified via the above technique will keep their verified badge.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, also posted the announcement on his own Facebook page. He says in his post: “This week, we are beginning the process of rolling out Meta Verified, which is a paid subscription service that allows you to verify your account with a government-issued ID, earn a blue badge, get additional protection against identity fraud. against accounts claiming to be you and gain direct access to customer support. The purpose of this new feature is to strengthen the sense of authenticity and security that underpins all of our services.”

A few weeks after a reverse engineer discovered the development of the subscription within the application programs, Meta verified the subscription. It closely follows Twitter’s recent launch of a subscription comparable to Twitter Blue that includes a verified badge. In the past, Twitter and other Meta platforms (such as Instagram and Facebook) allowed users to get verified after going through an obscure and time-consuming process. The verified label was initially designed to indicate validity, but in recent years it has become more of a status symbol.

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At least in India, Instagram users can still verify their accounts using the traditional process. You can ask Instagram for a blue badge by going to Settings > Account > Request verification. The system will analyze the request and a response will be given within 24 hours.

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