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Michelle Cockayne

Michelle Cockayne – Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Profession, Nationality, Husband, Children, Net Worth – Michelle is a popular actress. She was born in 1966. There is no information available about Michelle’s birthday. And she is well known for her appearance in the movie Splitting Heirs. Michelle Cockayne is famous for being the ex of Gary Linker. Gary, who is the former popular football player. He was addressing various clubs and public groups at the time of his residency. After retiring from football, he joined the media and continues to look after it to this day. Also, Michelle and her ex Gary got married in 1986. And then separated in the year 2006 after Michelle documented a case of uncooperative behavior.

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Newscasters catch her as she takes advantage of her getaway with friends located in Barbados. If she is interested in knowing more about her life, this is the place where she can get it all. In this article, you will know a lot of information about your birth, family, career, marriage, children, etc. So scroll down and read them one by one.

Michelle Cockayne’s birthday, age, zodiac and birthplace

Michelle’s exact date of birth is yet to be revealed in the public domain. We do not know when and where Michelle was born. Where did she grow up and what nationality is she? There is very little information available about Michelle at this time. It is said that she was born in 1966. Based on her appearance, Michelle appears to be in the age group of 55 to 57 years old as of 2023. We do not know when she celebrates her birthday.

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Due to a lack of information about Michelle’s exact date of birth, details of her birthday and zodiac sign could not be found at this time. We will update the details about Michelle if she reveals her age, date of birth, zodiac sign, etc. She has kept her personal data behind the curtains.

Michelle Cockayne Life and Education

Michelle’s birthplace is not known. There is very little information available about Michelle’s family. She is the eldest daughter of Roger Cockayne and Julia Cockayne. And she has a younger sister whose name is Ali Cockayne. Michelle is 55 years old as of 2021. She looks decent by personality. Her height and weight are not known. Similarly, the zodiac sign of her is not known. She is a popular actress by profession. And there is no information available about Michelle’s education. But her lifestyle reveals that she is a well educated woman.

There is no information available about Michelle’s primary and secondary education at this time. We do not know which school she attended for her primary education. Perhaps she received her primary education at a local private school in her hometown. She has not shared any details about her early education. Michelle reportedly completed her bachelor’s degree, but in which stream that information is not revealed. And after her graduation, it is still unknown whether or not she applied for higher studies.


Michelle started her career as a model. She then made her debut in the show business. And she became a popular actress. She is best known for her appearance in the movie Splitting Heirs.

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Michelle’s physical appearance, height and weight

Michelle Cockayne is 5 feet 8 inches or 123 pounds tall and her body weighs almost around 56 kg. She has shiny brown hair that further enhances her beauty. This is all about her appearance. She has captivating brown eyes and shiny brown hair. Cockayne is beautiful, talented, intelligent and personable. She has a stunning face with a cute smile. Michelle usually wears fashionable clothes. Her look is attractive. People are mesmerized by the stunning beauty of her. They like to look at her so she has a lot of followers on social media. Being an actress she has maintained her physique well.

Husband and children of Michelle Cockayne

Michelle married Gary Lineker in 1986. He is the ex-husband of Michelle Cockayne. And he is a former footballer by profession. The couple have four children; George Lineker, Harry Lineker, Tobias Lineker and Angus Lineker. But Michelle filed for divorce due to a problem in 2006. And the couple broke up that same year.

Michelle Cockayne Net Worth

Michelle’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 million. But it is not possible to know the exact net worth of her as she, as an actress, she received many offers from various fields.

Here is the complete biography of Michelle, her family, mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, children, school, education, profession, nationality, body measurements, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, gender, ethnicity, birthday, place of birth, zodiac sign, date of birth, religion, net worth.

Information table on Michelle Cockayne

Full nameMichelle Cockayne
55 years
Female gender
Name of parents Roger Cockayne and Julia Cockayne
Ali Cockayne Brothers
Date of the year 1966
Unknown Nationality
Profession Actress
Unknown Birthday
light brown hair color
Eye Color Unknown
unknown ethnicity
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 56kg
Ex-husband Gary Lineker
Marital Status: Divorced
Children George Lineker, Harry Lineker, Tobias Lineker, Angus Lineker
place of birth unknown
Religion Not Known
unknown school
Education England private school
Unknown Zodiac Sign
Net worth $1.9 million.
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social media accounts


Some Lesser Known Facts About Michelle Cockayne

  • Michelle is the first ex-wife of Gary Lineker.
  • She is the mother of Gary’s four children.
  • She is known as a popular actress.
  • He has several hobbies such as reading, traveling, surfing the internet, photography, etc.
  • He is 55 years old as of 2021.
  • She is also known as a celebrity.

frequent questions

1) When was Michelle born?

According to some sources, he was born in 1966.

2) What is she famous for?

Michelle Cockayne is famous for being the ex of Gary Linker. Gary, who is the former popular football player.

3) What is your marital status?

She is divorced.

4) Who did he marry?

She was married to Gary Linker, a famous soccer player.

5) What is your net worth?

His net worth is estimated at $1.9 million.

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