Microsoft Launches Windows App to Remotely Access PCs from iOS, Android, and Other Devices

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Microsoft Windows App Remote Access Launch

Microsoft recently announced the launch of its new Windows app that allows remote access to Windows PCs and cloud-hosted desktops from iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and more.

The app enables secure remote connectivity to devices running Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, and personal remote desktops.

Announced at Microsoft Ignite 2023 Conference

The Windows app launch was unveiled by Microsoft at its Ignite 2023 conference for IT professionals and developers. The app is now available in preview form for iOS, Windows, macOS, the web, and select other platforms.

The Windows app presents a unified experience for remotely connecting to various Windows environments like Windows 365 cloud PCs and company-hosted virtual desktops. Users can access remote desktops and even individual remote apps through the app.

Key Features Offer Flexible Remote Access

The Windows app provides several key capabilities for seamless remote access including:

  • Access cloud or local remote PCs from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Launch apps directly from the Windows App Launcher without full remote desktop.
  • Easy setup of remote PC connections right within the app.
  • Support for using multiple monitors while remoted into a PC.
  • Secure encrypted connections to safeguard sensitive company data.
  • Universal platform support across devices like iPhones, iPads, and Android.

How to Use the Windows App?

Using the Windows app involves three simple steps:

  1. Download the app from the store on your device.
  2. Configure the remote PC or virtual desktop to allow connections.
  3. Add a remote connection or workspace through the app and connect.
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Benefits for Remote Workers

The Windows app delivers significant benefits for remote employees by enabling:

  • Access to work desktops and files from anywhere with phone or tablet.
  • Increased productivity when traveling or out of office.
  • A consistent and seamless remote work experience across devices.
  • Enhanced security versus public PCs in shared spaces.
  • Reduced hardware costs by relying on virtual desktops.

Future Improvements on the Roadmap

The Windows app will no longer see new feature updates for older Windows-only versions. Microsoft recommends users transition to the new multi-platform Windows app for the full experience going forward.

The company hints that Android support, currently still in preview, will formally launch soon. Other enhancements like streaming remote desktop video to devices and using mobile device cameras as webcams are also on the horizon.

As remote work evolves, Microsoft is positioning the Windows app as an essential tool for accessing enterprise environments and cloud PCs from anywhere. The unified approach helps simplify the fragmented remote work landscape for end users.

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