Microsoft limits Bing Chatbot to 5 responses and 50 queries per day

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Microsoft Invites Users to Test Its New AI-Powered Bing

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According to an announcement made by Microsoft on Friday, the company will begin limiting the number of questions users can ask its new Bing chatbot to 5 per session and 50 per day.

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When a chat session lasts for five turns, you will be prompted to start a new topic to discuss. It will also be necessary to clear the context after each chat session to prevent the model from getting confused. You can achieve this by clicking on the broom icon to the left of the search field.

In a previous blog post, Microsoft detailed what it had learned during the week the new AI-powered Bing went live. The company stated that its chatbot could “become repetitive or be prompted or provoked into giving responses that are not necessarily helpful or in line with our designed tone.” These problems have motivated the implementation of the new limits, which try to find a solution.

My new favorite thing: Bing’s new ChatGPT bot argues with a user, tells him the current year is 2022, says his phone might have a virus, and says “You haven’t been a good user”

Because? Because the person asked where Avatar 2 is shown nearby

— Jon Uleis (@MovingToTheSun) February 13, 2023

Since Bing claims that most users get their replies in five rounds, and that only about 1% of threads have more than fifty messages, it seems to infer that most users won’t be affected by these restrictions.

Bing’s “unhinged” chats made headlines at the start of the week, with many users flocking to Twitter to describe their unsettling encounters with AI. “One of the things we are discovering about a new use case for chat is how people are using it as a tool for broader world discovery as well as social enjoyment,” reads a blog post from Microsoft from 2013.

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The organization is dedicated to daily improvement, so we hope these weird quirks will be addressed in the future.

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