Missing Brazilian actor found dead in wooden trunk buried 6 feet underground

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Missing Brazilian actor found dead in wooden trunk buried 6 feet underground

Jefferson Machado, a 44-year-old soap opera actor known for his role on the Brazilian show Reis, was found dead and buried in a wooden trunk underground. He disappeared almost four months ago, and his disappearance was officially declared on February 9 after eight of his dogs were found abandoned in his Rio de Janeiro home, two of them tragically deceased.

His mother, Maria das Dores, 73, expressed concern when she received misspelled text messages in which Jefferson claimed to have dropped his phone in the toilet and was unable to make video calls.

Their last conversation occurred on January 29, when he mentioned staying at a friend’s house while attending a job interview. In addition to acting, Jefferson was also involved in production and set design.

After the alarming events, Machado’s family became even more concerned when his cloud video password was changed and his location was disabled.

On Monday (May 22), authorities made progress in the case.

During a search of a property in Rio, Machado’s body was discovered bound and hidden inside a wooden trunk buried 6.5 feet under the floor of an outhouse.

The owner of the property revealed that she had rented the toilet from an unidentified individual who knew Machado. Surveillance footage captured the actor entering the structure last month.

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Although the man who rents the latrine remains without a public name, police consider him a suspect.

The recovery of the trunk required the assistance of nine people and the identity of the victim was confirmed through his fingerprints. The trunk in which he was found was revealed to have originally belonged to Machado and had been stolen from his own home.

The devastating news of Jefferson’s death was shared by a close friend, Cintia Hilsendeger, on Instagram, who wrote: “It is with great sadness that we report that Jeff was found dead on May 22, 2023.”


“Jefferson was brutally murdered by people who were jealous, evil and, of course, unscrupulous. More information coming soon. The RJ Township Police did an excellent job!”

“Thank you so much to everyone who helped with every little detail. Prayers and good thoughts are what Jeff needs right now.”

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