Mission Viejo homicide: Authorities seek information on arrested suspect

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Mission Viejo homicide: Authorities seek information on arrested suspect

This article has been written in the context of drawing the attention of our readers to a serious matter. The latest crime reports have surfaced showing that a man has been arrested on suspicion of shooting to death his own roommate. This news has caught the attention of the whole world and people are curious for more information and want to know why this incident happened and what is the reason for the shooting. Is the victim alive or dead? Who is the suspect and why did he shoot his own roommate and what are the charges against him?

Homicide in Mission Viejo

All these questions are currently circling in everyone’s mind and they want to know close details of the same. A man was reportedly shot to death inside the Mission Viejo home and in this shooting the victim’s roommate was arrested on suspicion of homicide. This case was filed on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, and the investigation has already begun. The authorities have already confirmed that they detained the man and are currently questioning him. Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the 2700 block of Ruisenor in the single-family residence neighborhood and evacuated the home.

Carrie Braun, the sheriff’s spokeswoman, says the victim was recognized by officials as Noah Christian Aguilar, 22, of Mission Viejo. When the police went to the area of ​​the crime, they found the corpse of the victim and the wound from the shot was visible on his body. During the investigation, the police suspect his roommate and he is immediately arrested. Braun states that “the man who had been arrested was Aguilar’s roommate, 22-year-old Micheal Guy Levy.” The investigation is currently continuing. The report states that OC Hawk video saw police officers parked on the street as the lady and man left the home, and the officers placed the man in at least handcuffs.

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The sheriff’s spokeswoman further added that the weapon used at the time of the shooting has already been seized and was found inside the home. However, it is still known what happened between the two roommates that ended with the death of one. The cause of the shooting has not yet been identified, but we hope to find it soon. Other than that, it is also not known where the victim’s dead body was discovered inside the house has yet to be revealed. Stay tuned to this website for upcoming details regarding this crime and others.

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